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Crosstourer - General Discussion / Which rear hugger
« Last post by bampy on Today at 10:22:34 PM »
R and G or Pyramid Plastics?

Had a R and G rear hugger on my last Crosstourer but it cracked on the right angle where it fitted over the swing arm. They replaced it free of charge but which one is better?
DCT winning with the same majority as a certain Brexit poll.
What next...?
I have a pyramid hugger on mine.
I was also disappointed, as mine would not sit central as it should.  Its offset to the shaft side like yours but no where near as bad, so I am living with it for the time being. 
I cannot see how you can fit it wrong as all the holes are in a fixed position.

To me its a case of the pre-drilled holes on the hugger are wrong.

Also take a look at windscreen fitting and license plate mounting — a license plate with a plastic frame will vibrate perceptibly at lower rpms if not secured on all four corners. Windscreen not properly grommeted, positioned and torqued can do this, as well. At high rpm the engine and intake and exhaust notes are loud enough to drown the little plastic buzzes.
Tyres and Wheels / Re: Sensor ring
« Last post by biker1300 on Today at 06:58:37 PM »
Surley if the diameter is much bigger it wouldnt align  with the sensor ?
I went with multiple round 12 inch or 10 inch (?) clear dry bags.  You can separate clean dirty and wardrobes.  Like $6 each at Wally World.
I removed the rear wheel. Just loosen the exhaust clamp bolt and remove the top bolt, then you can turn the muffler away from the wheel without actually removing the muffler completely. Otherwise it will be hard to tightened those two bolts that holds the hugger.
On a previous thread of mine I claimed the world record for fitting a hugger on my 2018 CT without removing the wheel or the exhaust   :020: BUT, it was bloody difficult  :005:
Fitted huggers to loads of bikes and never had to remove a wheel before. Don't think I can be bothered.
Yep.  Not a major task to do.
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