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Events, Meetings, and Ride Outs / Re: Derbyshire meet up anyone
« Last post by Dave56 on Today at 08:58:38 PM »
*Originally Posted by Maverick [+]
Have a good ride, sounds like fun.

Cheers Maverick.  :028:
Events, Meetings, and Ride Outs / Re: Derbyshire meet up anyone
« Last post by Maverick on Today at 07:06:05 PM »
Have a good ride, sounds like fun.

Cant make this one, but will head up soon to see whats going on

Might meet some in Southern Wales next month.
Crosstourer - General Discussion / Re: Warranty issue?
« Last post by sire on Today at 07:02:33 PM »
 Probably fume.

I can't recommend Plastex enough. Search it on YouTube.
Crosstourer - General Discussion / Warranty issue?
« Last post by Murphy on Today at 05:56:55 PM »
I have a warranty question. It’s a 2015 bike bought from a Honda dealer last month. I’ve done well under a thousand miles since then and there’s a 3 month dealer warranty on it.
Today I loosened the right front panel (the painted one), I didn’t remove it completely as the bars were in the way and anyway it was really just an exploratory prior to wiring in a GPS in the future.
Someone in the past has gone at it rather hard and broken ONE of the front lugs off the inside of the panel, the other is still in place. It definitely wasn’t me!
Without  removing it you wouldn’t know, all the paintwork is in good order.
So is this a warranty claim? Or do I just fume a bit and forget it?
Thanks in advance.
My new springs and rear shock came to day after a three week wait for the springs since early January when I placed the order from REV’s in Birmingham the shock I have is the 640 fiting day booked for 7th March at Dolbes  Honda
If the US is short on suspension shops why not buy from REV’ for a Wilbers set up for
me I don’t do off road riding
To give you some idea of cost mine came to £812 pounds I opted for 2 ltrs of fork oil
not convinced that one ltr oil would be plenty comes with step by step guide  to replace
REV’s phone number is +44 1215013321 and the email is so the cost of phone call may better lots to talk about your weight how you ride of road or just road solo or two up and your luggage to be taken in to account

Not sure what it is like in the UK but here in the US independent mechanics are few and far between unless you have a harley, and even now with all the electronics and such that is becoming a rare thing too. It's not like the old days when anyone could work on these things.

A few things that I have learned about these bikes, much of the cost to do repairs and servicing is getting to the point where the work begins. An hour here and an hour there to remove plastic adds up. Not everyone has the luxury of inside storage but for me to save costs I will do part of the work and let the shop do another part. Examples: tire replacement I remove the wheels and bring them to the shop for tire mounting. $25 a wheel for mounting and balancing. Another example; I needed fork seal replacement, I removed the forks and brought them to the dealer for repair. I don't have tools for fork disassembly/assembly. $200 vs $400.

A Honda service manual and some research goes a long ways to saving bucks. Remember take somethings with a grain of salt. As a research example here is an interesting recent thread on the ST-Owners forum.

This may have been a very expensive repair if the owner didn't take the time to do some research and yes fortunately this worked out.

Now I am not saying for you folks in the UK that this is a bad idea, but for us here in the US not I am not sure.  This upcoming week I am headed on a trip and when I get to where I am going there is not even any type of MC shop for 200 miles. My hands and tools ar it.
Hello Dave,

 :0461: :460:

That sounds like a great plan to me, a comprehensive list of recommended mechanics and there whereabouts would be very useful to one and all. Might also induce others to improve the service that they provide, and perhaps reconsider their costing structure  !!   :047: :152:



Events, Meetings, and Ride Outs / Re: Derbyshire meet up anyone
« Last post by Dave56 on Today at 09:06:33 AM »
I’ve had to change the day to the Sunday and the time to about 11.00am.  :028:
As soon as I connect the battery the pump starts running.
If I then turn on the ignition the lights of the bike turn on but the dash remains dark. (so no starting the bike either)
Currently waiting on an AA van to show up. They'll either be able to help or get me to my local garage.  :015:
Glad for that home cover now...
I will report back once I know more.
Tyres and Wheels / Re: Wheels
« Last post by andyrob on Today at 07:38:12 AM »
excellent 1st post Garrelt! :031:

Sexiest CT I have seen.
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