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Dear Friend "MZ Florida"
First of all I want to thank you for the proposed sale of the shock absorber that I would like to consider, but I am on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean despite being at the tip. Yesterday I put the CT in the workshop of my mechanic friend, removed the rear suspension and already disassembled the shock absorber, told me that it is repairable although not planned because there is no gas outlet, this mechanic is very experienced and ingenious not denying a good mechanical / hydraulic challenge. The shock is completely undone and he told me that in the next few days I would be presented with a suspension that I will not recognize, I hope he is right because I want my fantastic CT back quickly, because I love this bike and sometimes I don't even fully understand why.
I will keep you abreast of developments. Hug to everyone
Accessories and Products / Re: Russell Day Long aftermarket seat
« Last post by spudpie on Today at 04:18:42 PM »
That's an ambitious route, Big John.  It's definitely a good idea to keep your cheeks happy for 10K miles!
If it is not repairable, I have an OEM shock I am willing to sell.  But, I do believe it is rebuildable.  I don't know if the shipping would make it cost-prohibitive.  In any case, standing offer should you wish to purchase it. 
Accessories and Products / Re: Russell Day Long aftermarket seat
« Last post by Big_John on Today at 02:46:08 PM »
I just ordered my RDL, to be made just like the OP's saddle.  I won't get it back until February, but will post pics once I receive.

Yep... it's going to be an $800 investment, but I had the same saddle on my BMW GS and it allowed/encouraged the wife and I to ride 400-500 miles a day without discomfort.  We are planning a 2-up Alaska ride in 2020 and this saddle is the last modification needed for the bike for that trip.

Also did front and rear springs.  Totally transformed the bike for the positive.  It performs great with me only and no boxes.... but also performs great, totally loaded and 2-up.
*Originally Posted by mzflorida [+]
Jesus John.  I'm a pretty big guy but you make that bike look like a scale model!  Beautiful family and scenery.

You gave me a belly laugh!  Funny, but I don't consider myself HUGE....

I am 6'4", 260lbs.   The wife is 5'9", 140lbs.

I do appreciate a 37" inseam when riding bikes.  Even with dirt bikes, I've only dropped my bikes about 7-8 times in 20 years of riding... even in the most extreme conditions.

New Members / Re: Greetings from Sunny South Africa
« Last post by Red on Today at 09:42:35 AM »
Hey  :400: from Belgium
The evaporation is exothermic, taking the heat away, like when you sweat.  It releases energy into the atmosphere.  Condensation is endothermic, the opposite so it removes energy from the atmosphere, by converting vapors to liquids, like your air conditioner in your car or home.  Like your car or home, if there is more available energy (water vapor...denser in cold weather) to endothermically convert to condensate, then the exothermic release (vapor or energy back into the atmosphere) will be greater.  I think that the endothermic process (creating condensate) is increased when there is a large difference in temperature...which is why some air conditioners are more effective than others in removing moisture for example.  So no, all things being equal (available energy) a V4 does not necessarily produce more condensate.  A larger surface that promotes condensation (a small soda can condenses less energy than an otherwise equal large soda can) produces more available exothermic energy for conversion to vapor.  So similarly a larger muffler could produce the same results as the soda can example.  A science lesson broke out at the motorcycle show I guess! 
Crosstourer - General Discussion / Re: Super sensitive throttle 2017 dct
« Last post by DEMBONES on Yesterday at 07:40:41 PM »
It's definitely not enough of a problem on my 2016 model to warrant me even trying lots of remedies much less sell the bike that I otherwise love.
New Members / Re: Greetings from Sunny South Africa
« Last post by Arrie on Yesterday at 03:45:11 PM »
Stevensweert, Dave56 and phantom53.

Thank you for your welcoming messages.
She's still behaving as expected, purring like a cheetah cub over the miles being covered.

Dave56, I'm in agreement "the more the miles, the bigger the smiles" :152:

Phantom 53, I hope that you aren't affected by the sad report of fires. Not sure how close you are to these. My Sister stays close to Gympie but not affected as far as I can tell.

Stevesweer. Dankie dat jy my welkom geheet het. Hoop alles is wel. Ek geniet die motorfiets terdee. Alles wat mooi. Groete.  :031:

With a 3week holiday looming at the end of this week, she'll have a full load including panniers, but I'm sure she'll handle the extra weight with ease.

I'm very happy with the fuel consumption. At slightly over the national speed limit of 120km/h, I'm getting 18-20km/l or roughly 300 to 340km per tank when reserve countdown begin. I think this is reasonable.
When I let her run freely, she drops to 16km/l or 280km on a tank up to when count down start. Still reasonable in my opinion.

Take care guys.
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