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New Members / Re: Long story need help
« Last post by Dave56 on Today at 11:57:15 AM »
Hi Dave and  :400: along to the colleCTive.  :028:
First things first, great intro, made fascinating reading especially the Gixxer with ape hanger bars  :005: I can sympathise with your injury as I’ve just had shoulder surgery to reattach two tendons (ouch) and I’ll be “riderless” for six months  :827:
As to your three questions, I’m afraid I can’t answer the first one as I’m a total mechanical numpty.  :789:
With regards to year round practically, it’s a Honda so it should be fine, especially if it’s had a ACF50 type  treatment, might get a few furry fasteners but I’d suspect that’ll be it. No chain to worry about is certainly an advantage.
As to using it as a commuter, no problems, she’s a truly comfortable girl whether over 2 miles or 200 miles and especially if you go down the DCT route - which I highly recommend - this makes commuting a doddle.
In closing I would highly recommend that you take a lengthy test ride of one, especially a DCT version and I’d look for a Highlander version as they are better equipped for the type of riding you have in mind.
Anyway Dave, good luck with the search.
New Members / Re: Long story need help
« Last post by Matlock on Today at 11:45:49 AM »
Hi and welcome Dave, sorry to hear about your accident, hope you make a full recovery soon. To answer your questions:
1.   If you’re competent with the spanners, it’s fine for home servicing. The biggest pain is getting all the bodywork off to get at anything. That said, I haven’t done the valve clearance checks myself, so can’t comment on that task. Valve clearance checks are every 16k miles on the Crosstourer.
2.   I’ll leave this for others to comment as I take mine off the road for the worst of winter. I have a winter hack Yamaha TDM900 I use when things get salty. Build quality is good though, so I wouldn’t see it as an issue. Use plenty of ACF50, or similar to protect it.
3.   I’ve commuted on mine regularly, but she’s a big beast, so not the most agile. The bars are wide too, making filtering a bit tougher. I get around 45mpg on my commute which is 80% (congested) motorway and dual carriageway. If your commute is all in city traffic I’d look elsewhere, you’ll be a sweaty mess when you get to work on a warm day from manhandling it  :001:. MPG is really bad in traffic too, she much prefers the open road.
Purchased this pre owned recently.
I think I might be going down to one bike soon.
So this Seat will be available.
Standard height. VGC.
Photo to follow.

£240 collected from Shropshire.
Can be posted at your expense.

New Members / Long story need help
« Last post by Wavey Dave on Today at 09:17:51 AM »
Hello all my name is Dave
Last month I was the victim of a very classic S.M.I.D.S.Y as a result I lost my beloved VTX1800. And broke my shoulder in to the bargain. Driver admitted fault straight away so that is a good thing. I am now in the recovery phase but unlikely to be able to ride for another month or two. So I have been scouring the t'internet looking at anything and everything as my next bike.

As a bit of background, I have been riding for 37 years now and have owned about 60 bikes in that time and ridden more. I do love custom bikes and once built my own soft-tail chop. The VTX was heavily modified and would have stayed with me for a long while. I do ride all year (other than snow and hard ice) I only have one bike at a time, I'm not a hoarder of bikes so there is only ever one for me (unless I can afford a cheap winter hack) I love all bikes all styles, apart from race-reps for which I am too stiff and not masochist enough to own. (Though did own a Gixxer 750 which I put 18" apehangers  on ) It is probably also worth noting that I do my own servicing spannering and bodging.

I now have a list of next bikes, although does go up and down as new thoughts waft through my
noggin. Just for info they are (in no oder) XV 1900 midnight star, another VTX18, XVZ1300 royal star, Honda Crosstourer,
I am a bit of a Honda man and have always liked the crosstourer and at the moment it is top of my list. I have been lurking for a few days going through the forum researching and gathering info on the big girl. I have few questions I am hoping you guys can help with that aren't really covered in the posts.

1/ what is the crosstourer like for spannering on? Is an easy home service or is it a P.I.A
2/ what are people's thoughts about the crosstourer as a year round bike.? Please bear in mind that I do clean but it's not my greatest joy (bikes should be ridden) i do set up for winter but then tend to leave it till spring
3/ what is she like as a commuter? I have happily commuted in London on Varedero, CB1300 and 865 Bonnie, done M25 on VTX and commuted in Yorkshire towns in it too (no biggy) ,

Well that's it for now all, hope I haven't bored you too much
Hope to be sticking round, going to see a crosstourer this weekend but likely that will not be the one as I will not buy any bike without a test ride and I am a few months off that yet. It's more of a how does it fit, look see etc
Thanks in anticipation. Dave
Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale / Re: Original Exhaust For Sale
« Last post by Craig2731 on Today at 06:08:33 AM »
Sorry, Chesterfield, Derbyshire
*Originally Posted by Rex [+]
Maritimer, mick9879, Red Boll, so why you guys still didn't tried to do this fix yet?

Because it’s NOT a fix.

Would it be nice to be able adjust the time or distance to cancel.......YES.

Would it be smart or a reasonable solution to disable the auto canceling.......NO

Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale / Re: Original Exhaust For Sale
« Last post by baudbish on Yesterday at 11:32:12 PM »
Collection from where?
Suspension, Forks, and Chassis Set-up and Mods / HyperPro upgrade: need advice
« Last post by CT_Ron on Yesterday at 09:10:16 PM »
Hey guys,

I bought a HyperPro suspension kit for my previously owned CRF1000. It transformed the bike a lot, despite the front forks being the culprit of my half year of suffering on the road (anodised layer inside was all gone, long story short). In the end, I got tired of it's problens despite the AT being my dream bike. I felt betrayed by Honda, but being my second choice after the AT, I went for the Crosstourer due to that lovely drive shaft and long traveling opportunity which I plan to do the coming years.

Already dwelling off topic, back to my question:

I want to invest in my Crosstourer and obviously HyperPro springs are needed if the CT wants to survive my weight of 110kg. Two things:

1. Get the rear spring upgraded with the heavy duty version, instead of the standard HP upgrade.


2. Get a whole new rear shock installed + a heavy duty spring.

The thing is, when I checked my static sag on my Africa Twin, I noticed I was only two clicks away from max with the correct sag settings. Meaning that with the HyperPro installed, riding two-up (another 70kg added) would never be possible with correct sag settings.

My panniers weigh 5kg each, the rack 4kg my riding uniform another 8-10kg etc. etc. The guys over at HP told me the heavy version was mainly for police motorcycles with a lot of permanent added equipment. But since I'm already fat and ride with panniers and occasionally with the wife, I might qualify for being police-equipped heavy?? Also, I don't want to be 1 click away from max preload like the Africa Twin, this leaves no buffer for added weight.

Also, and this is my main concern: my bike now has 90K's on the clock and even though it's been imported from Germany and previously owned by a German motorcycle lover, hasn't seen a drop of rain, has no rust, and has had every 12k maintenance interval done by German Honda mechanics, the rear shock itself might be needing a rebuild due to the traveled kilometres. I can't tell myself because I have no reference on how the CT's rear shock should perform other than a terrible AT suspension setup or my other previously owned bikes which were all floppy and saggy bikes bending to the will of my aggressive right hand.

On their website, HyperPro writes that it's better to replace or rebuild because of the high 'milage', but they obviously also have their own agenda, despite HP being friendly and helpful. This bike has done a lot of Autobahn highway travels (averaging 21.000km a year) and hasn't been offroad until I bought it a few months ago. I just don't want to buy a rear spring and then find out the shock is actually not working correctly.! :784:
Crosstourer - General Discussion / Re: Self canceling indicators, turn signals.
« Last post by Rex on Yesterday at 06:52:52 PM »
Maritimer, mick9879, Red Boll, so why you guys still didn't tried to do this fix yet?
New Members / Re: Hi! from Greensprings,Ohio
« Last post by Pcoz88 on Yesterday at 03:39:55 PM »
Is there any body on here that rides the CT off road? Regularly??
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