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New Members / Re: 2nd VFR1200 Mikoviking from Australia
« Last post by Mikoviking on Today at 01:22:27 PM »
I test rode a few bikes before including the new V Strom which was nice, but by the time you add all the extras it was to expensive and had a relatively tame engine. I found this well maintained one with all the goodies with 13000 km on the clock at a fair price. $15,000 AU and the owner had spent a lot more than that but sadly due to Covid did not get to do his big ride.
I did find the road version was way to easy to find myself at some illegal speeds, it was the bike equivalent of a V8 which just is ticking away at higher speeds.
Daily Ride Reports and Touring / Re: Picking up the new 2nd hand VFR
« Last post by andyrob on Today at 12:24:09 PM »
Lovely, congrats. And with what looks like all the bits.

I would guess the X does not encourage you to be as naughty as the F.  :001:
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: LED headlights, no thanks....
« Last post by Dave56 on Today at 12:04:37 PM »
Which is fine if the bulb goes but eeek I dread to think how much a CT headlight lens would be. :005:
I’d be more than a little interested if anyone knew of a headlight protector for the CT, preferably not a grill.
New Members / Re: 2nd VFR1200 Mikoviking from Australia
« Last post by Dave56 on Today at 12:00:41 PM »
Hi there Mikoviking and :400: along to the colleCTive.
Sounds like you got yourself a well sorted CT there, enjoy.  :028:
Daily Ride Reports and Touring / Picking up the new 2nd hand VFR
« Last post by Mikoviking on Today at 09:39:42 AM »
I got to give my newly acquired VFR1200 a good 300 km ride back from the place of purchase. I was greeted with a heavy rain storm as I just left the previous owners house and was thankful for good weather protection as I did not have wet weather gear. Conditions cleared and I got to try Big Red on some great twisty roads. Thoughts so far? I like it, I previously owned the VFR1200 F which was sadly missed and though this has less power it is still a good torquey engine. This image is from Maleny Queensland on one of my favourite riding roads.
New Members / 2nd VFR1200 Mikoviking from Australia
« Last post by Mikoviking on Today at 09:07:42 AM »
I have just bought a 2017/18 VFR1200 X to replace my faithful Triumph Sprint GT 1050 which is going to a new home. I had previously owned the VFR1200 F which I really enjoyed but sadly was taken out by a Wallaby that bolted out in front of me while I was doing 90km/h. I love my Sport Tourers as i tend to clock up big kilometres on my bikes and like the comfort and performance they offer. I rode 300 klm's back from purchasing the bike through rain storms and some great twisting country roads and enjoyed this big bike. (It makes my Sprint GT look small in comparison) .I have some suspension adjustments to make as I am only 85 kg compared to the 120 kg previous owner. First impressions, love the screen which allows me to ride at 130 kmh with visor up ,something I could not do on the Sprint GT. The motor, though down in HP to the road version (170 HP vrs 130 HP) still has great torque and character at sane road speeds. The new bike has all the goodies which the previous owner added at a great expense so I am chuffed at my purchase. The standard Australian country roads are poor so having a bike with longer suspension and a long wheelbase is an advantage to fatigue free riding. Anyhow I hope to get tips on suspension set ups and such in the future. Cheers from  QLD Australia
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / LED headlights, no thanks....
« Last post by Jfro5867 on Today at 09:02:15 AM »
Like many I am on a few other bike forums, because I enjoy the bants and sharing knowledge. I read on the CB1100 forum (a bike I have both owned and liked) that a replacement LED headlight for the 2017 and on models is, wait for it, £650. It seems you can't repair them. So, the old fashioned bulb in the CT is fine by me.
Crosstourer - General Discussion / Re: British question
« Last post by bampy on Yesterday at 08:09:32 PM »
*Originally Posted by Plane Dr [+]
I was thinking about just parking there.  I have friends scattered all over the UK.

So more a start and stop rather than a base.  That was part of the cost consideration out right purchase.  Bike rentals here are $200 a day.  So depending that goes a long way towards a purchase.  Annual insurance doesn't bother me so much as I may do multiple 1 week trips rather than a single long one.  Try to fit it all in around having to work.

Though with work from home, the only hurdle is time zones.  So I could maybe squeak in some work while at it.

I'd even consider a Burgman or some such.

Cost to insure the the CT for 12 months in the UK with a fully comprehensive policy and breakdown cover would be in the region of £200 and if you went down to a 650 there would be very little saving. So it's a no brainer to insure for the year. The only concern would be the yearly MOT but if you have friends here I'm sure they could take care of that and the CT would be a far superior tourer than any 650. If you are buying new then there's no MOT for the first three years. Recovering the purchase price is more problematic I've owned two DCT models and I still own one and for some unknown reason the CT was not that popular in the UK to resale prices are not where they should be for some reason British bikes would rather ride BMW's and KTM's that have both proved unreliable but the CT just keeps ploughing om.
Bikes for Sale / Re: 2015 DCT Highlander for sale
« Last post by Dave56 on Yesterday at 06:41:05 PM »
*Originally Posted by navigator1946 [+]
Keeping it til spring, Dave?

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