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let him idle for 2 mins, than cool down for another 2 mins. When checked this way (according to the manual) let it cool down completely and check again.
Now you know what the level should be when cold.
Use the official way only after changing oil when the filter has to fill up and never just for checking.
A cold start is just as bad as riding a bike on operating temperature from Amsterdam to Paris. In other words, never do a cold start if you're not planning to go on a ride.
The OEM version are not crashbars but is just for looks and mount some lights on.
You can push them by hand to touch the fairing.
If you want protection the Hepco & Becker or SW Motech are the better option, i have the Hepco & Becker and tested them already a few times in off-road (loose sand) and one time on asphalt (bad footing).
One time i demonstrated the difference to a friend by showing him that i could let them touch the fairing by hand and kicked my Hepco so hard that my bike almost dropped (kicked the left side while sitting on the sidestand).
Crosstourer - General Discussion / OEM Crash Bars. Are they any good?
« Last post by Mav on Today at 04:36:12 PM »

Got my new CT and am wondering if the OEM crash bars are any good.  Can anyone vouch for how well they protect the side of the bike when dropped.

Is it worth getting crash bungs aswell?

Discussed in the other posts.......but.........reflash might work if the issue was lean mixture.   If it was lean issue it would be more a problem of constant speed surge.

The throttle itself is open a very small amount and these 1-2-3rd gear trail speeds or rough terrain.  Mark the throttle grip with tape and reference marks.  The grip rotational movement is actually very small.   That’s where the throttle tamer product* is changing the mechanical ratio of the grip movement to throttle movement.

If the issue is the “movement ratio” of the throttle grip to the throttle plate movement plus the “throttle by wire” activation and sensitivity.........then reflash might make no change.

Not mention the tension, free play or return spring rate of the throttle system that 100% mechanical. The effort to move the throttle is very low. That’s  where the added tension and friction to the throttle grip is reported as a good fix.

* throttle tamer is changing the throttle tube witha different that  has cable cam profile.
Accessories and Products / Re: Givi Dolomiti Boxes
« Last post by Hartley on Today at 02:26:37 PM »
I like those, i have the Trekker 33s which i had for 6 years and served me very well. That said, if buying now id go for Dolomitis. Top opening is a big bonus.
Accessories and Products / Givi Dolomiti Boxes
« Last post by DaveinNC on Today at 12:50:20 PM »
It took me two years to decide on side boxes. I finally went with the Dolomitis from Givi. Great quality and they fit the bike well. They pack 36 liters per side. The quality seems to be typical High-quality Givi. I like them and they were on sale at 20% off.

I think it may be an excessive level of oil. The oil level should be checked with the motorcycle on the wheels in a flat place and after starting the engine for 3 or 5 minutes, let it cool for 2 or 3 minutes and watch.
Spotted ! / Splatford split
« Last post by Banksy on Yesterday at 09:02:59 PM »
Black Crosstourer heading Plymouth bound this afternoon.. Anyone on here?
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Mount for LED Lights
« Last post by Jac on Yesterday at 06:20:24 PM »
I could use some help. I have the Honda light bar on my bike and am considering adding LED driving lights.  From photos of Crosstourers I see online that are equipped with Honda light bars and Honda LEDs it appears the silver colored lights aren’t actually mounted on the light bar itself.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found a photo showing how Honda does mount LEDs on bikes with the Honda light bar. I would greatly appreciate it if a forum member would post a photo or two showing me how the Honda LED lights are mounted on your Crosstourer with the Honda light bar also installed.  I’m interested in where the lights are mounted and what the mount itself looks like.

Also, since I will be buying non-Honda auxiliary LEDs, would you recommend a different mounting location or mounting method than Honda used on Crosstourers that came equipped with a Honda light bar and Honda auxiliary LED lights?

Thanks in advance!

Accessories and Products / Re: Integrated Bluetooth helmets
« Last post by Younger06 on Yesterday at 05:22:11 PM »
Just took delivery today of the Sena SRL2 kit to go in my Gt-Air II.........I have never used comms before on my bike, so I have to admit I'm a little anxious!
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