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That appears to be the wrong part for a Crosstourer. It's for a NC which unfortunately isn't the same.
I also have a loose screen, my crosstourer is 69 reg. Looks like the guide bobbins on the adjusting mechanism are too small for the guides.
Daily Ride Reports and Touring / Re: West Virginia Mtns ride
« Last post by ArthurY on Today at 03:57 pm »
*Originally Posted by Wvvstar [+]
Let me see if I can post a couple…

Well…dang system won’t recognize my sign on????   I’m already signed on and can post?  But asking for credentials when I click to add photos??? 
I never opened a separate photos gallery sign on

The image server has a separate security system from the Forum server. (it's a weird setup but that's how it is for this Forum).
So, you have to click on Create New Account at the Upload page and you may use the same password for that one as well.
Then, try uploading again.

I have a 2016 model and I also have loose screen problem
Tyres and Wheels / Re: tyre availability
« Last post by thetrecker on Today at 11:35 am »
The tyre dealer gave an example of the price hike in the latest tyre types-
The Pirelli Angel GT in the size 180/55/17 (the most popular rear size for sports bikes etc) , he has for sale at £112 stg
The new version -Angel GT2 in the same size is for sale at £158! a little over 40% price hike. His argument is - it may be better in a number of ways, say for example, a 10% increase in mileage but the cost increase will not justify this. Better to stick with the GT for overall value. I think he is correct, I had the Angel GT on the CT previously, great in every way, especially in the wet, I would'nt be paying £46 (€53.50euro) extra for the GT2 at the moment.

Hi Tom. Family is good and wife finished chemo with a great prognosis.  I guess this is a global thing.  I’m going solar here but it makes sense in SW Florida.  Rates are supposed to be rising here too.  I think the only good thing Illinois has anymore is the citizens utility board.  I’m sure it’s not corruption free, but the idea is that a panel of citizens must agree that utility rate hikes and projects have a legitimate basis before advancing. 
Bikes for Sale / Crosstourer for sale in Belfast
« Last post by thetrecker on Yesterday at 07:04 pm »
Just saw a 2017 CT today in the Honda dealer Hurst Honda in Belfast, it had 1755 miles on it! Pricy, but Honda warranty etc. Nice bike in the best colour. If anyone is looking.
Interesting, they had no stock of the NT1100 model.

Tyres and Wheels / tyre availability
« Last post by thetrecker on Yesterday at 06:51 pm »
Bought 2 tyres today at the counter for other bikes I am servicing,
The first one , a Metzeler Tourance 150/70/17 cost £103 stg. The second one , a Metzeler Tourance Next cost £113stg, same size. These are just take away prices ( I can fit them myself). They are both stamped 2022 manufacture date, Dealer told me he finds it very hard to get stock, gets half of his order every time. He's content to get basic tyres and refrains  from ordering the latest fancy rubber as he reckons this is where the suppliers are creaming it.
  I see tyres on line but prices are always a little higher, ( tyre leader, openo ). Does anyone deal with "cambriantyres.co.uk" ? they seem to be distributors to trade rather than an online outlet. Any other online outlets members are dealing with that I am missing please?

Hi MZFlorida,
Yes, your rip off story is rampant everywhere unfortunately, out state post office is charging €3.50 extra just to handle the tax that is now enforced for Ireland to trade with the UK. A recent parcel ordered in the UK for €25, finished up costing €51 by the time it arrived in Ireland with all duty and vat paid. Here's a funny one, a electricity provider here called SSE Airtricity entered the marked a few years ago and their slogan is "generation green" as they are targeting the younger age group and promising all their electricity is from 100% renewable energy, anyhow, they have hiked their prices 3 times in the last 12 months, the last hike was 26%!. If they don't use gas or coal or any fossil fuel, how can they justify hikes like this, the wind and sun is still free, they are just following the posse to rip us off .
Hope the family are healthy and you are enjoying life.
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