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Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: 12volt socket(s)
« Last post by Hound on Today at 10:14 pm »
I'm with you on the non-waterproof sockets. They're still an afterthought instead of someone working out how to integrate them properly and make them weatherproof in use.  :003:
Racks also sold now.
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: 12volt socket(s)
« Last post by BiKenG on Today at 07:25 pm »
I have ascertained that the red and black pair connected directly to the battery terminals are power for the LED foglights. The light switch in the side panel switches a relay that powers those lights direct from the battery.

So nothing to do with the 12v socket that I can confirm is only live with ignition on.

Never ceases to amaze me how manufacturers happily place power sockets (12v or USB) facing up and covered with a rubber cap which can only keep water out when covered and therefore not being used. This is simply dumb as a bike needs to be fully functional in the rain and water pouring down the wires and into the socket is clearly not going to be for long. Maybe it's just me sees the absurdity of this.
well bike now revs at 2000 - 2500 rpm at idle , if i remove the battery for a few hours start the engine when cold without touching the throttle the bike idle's great 1100 rpm , then goes back to 2000 rpm when restarting  :087:.
no codes are on the ecu , i,m baffled :827: looks like trip to the money shop.  :789:
I'll have a look, Collect plus have been good in the past and are good value. Their website is asking me for a delivery postcode to give a quote, any chance you pass that to me?
In fact I'll  send you a pm
Hi BB, any idea on postage. I’m in N Devon!
New Members / Re: Newbie but Oldie
« Last post by Wozza_66 on Yesterday at 04:56 pm »
Yeh, guy I brought it from wrapped it. It’s a black model underneath. 2014 with 68k on the clock but well serviced. Runs sweet as a nut. Miss gear driven cams though! FV parked up garage!

Yes Yes Yes,  :020: Thank you for posting the manual.  Very helpful.  Greatly appreciated. :020:
New Members / Re: Newbie but Oldie
« Last post by mad-dawg on Yesterday at 09:20 am »
Welcome aboard, nice looking bike
Accessories and Products / Re: Vista Throttle Lock Cruise Control
« Last post by Noppo on Sep 23, 2023, 09.36 pm »
Right, no worries.  The Vista solution seems to be a good no wire, no cutting, easily removable solution for a throttle lock, so i am looking at that one.
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