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For anyone interested in replacing their shock the above guys are well worth a look. I fitted Hyperpro springs front and rear on my Crosstourer and while they do offer a softer ride over smaller bumps/broken surfaces without impacting on the general handling of the bike I found over time the rear shock just isn't particularly good. As everyone is aware it offers pre-load and rebound settings only, for me it has way too much compression which cannot be dialled out and even with the Hyperpro spring fitted it caused too harsh a response over deeper ruts/potholes which on my daily commute became tiresome. I spoke to Martin at Winding Roads for advice prior to ordering and after numerous helpful e mails decided to go ahead and order their standard M shock. This shock has a single adjuster for compression/rebound and comes sprung for your weight so it's a matter of fitting then adjusting to suit. I've backed mine off 8 clicks from 24 (as supplied) of the 48 available and the ride is now very plush, gone is the horrid jarring, handling wise I've not gone far but throughout one local fast sweeping bend it holds a solid line and feels very composed. I'm still reasonably happy with the front end although I am going (possibly) to experiment with lighter oil as the forks still feel over damped. The shock itself is finished to a very high standard and comes with a 2 year unlimited mileage guarantee backed up with very helpful advice so one to consider possibly.
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Always on front blinkers
« Last post by matt28 on Today at 08:03 pm »
I think Honda VFR800X uses Alway-On indicator relay.
In fact, I would install one if I knew where is  located in Crosstourer.
Bikes for Sale / Re: 2012 white CT manual 49k miles for sale £4,650
« Last post by Hound on Today at 07:46 pm »
Very sorry to see this, Monster. I hope to see you back here with another CT before too many moons have passed.  :003:
Crosstourer - General Discussion / Re: Water Temp
« Last post by thetrecker on Today at 03:48 pm »
I have watched a Honda dealer service my bike, They drained the oil as normal, but for a short period and then replaced the sump plug.
Then they dumped in the amount of oil that it states in the manual and buttoned her up. They did'nt even check the level in the sight glass ( it was over full of course!).
I think this is normal procedure to keep the time at a minimum and profit at max.
With ref. to the 2 bars on the engine temp, 3 bars is normal in traffic or when sitting at 160klms on a motorway.
The fan is inclined to come on a little more often in traffic, if you have a radiator guard fitted.
Never got a smell though.

Bikes for Sale / 2012 white CT manual 49k miles for sale £4,650
« Last post by hairymonster on Yesterday at 07:26 pm »
Needs must - genuinely sorry to have to sell this. Will buy another when things pick up.

New Members / Re: Hello from Singapore
« Last post by jacksonngo on Jan 30, 2023, 03.41 pm »
Thank you guys for your welcoming messages.
Will be going for a 600km day trip in Malaysia in the next couple of weeks with my wife.

Here share a photo of my ride.
Items done:
Lowered seat by local shop, re-wrapping of the seat.
Givi crashbar
custom taylor rim tapes.

Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale / Givi Rack SR1110M with fittings
« Last post by Nogshere on Jan 30, 2023, 10.46 am »
For sale, Givi Rack SR1110M with fittings, for sale £25 plus £5 p&p
New Members / Re: Greetings from 🇧🇬 Bulgaria
« Last post by pistnbroke on Jan 30, 2023, 03.15 am »
 :400: aboard ItZo,  hope you're enjoying the bike,
Stay safe and healthy.
 :028: :031:
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Always on front blinkers
« Last post by ItZo on Jan 27, 2023, 02.05 am »

if the only way to turn the front blinkers always on is to put the relay/auto off controller from a country that uses the always on feature, can some guys living close to each other try this before I buy and replace this part? And tell me the part number of the one I need, so I can order it. 😊
In Bulgaria I can't find any bike with this mode.

Thank you!

Thank you!
Crosstourer - General Discussion / Re: Water Temp
« Last post by DaveinNC on Jan 26, 2023, 11.30 am »
The 3 bars in traffic are normal, I smell rubber on occasion but it's from my tires powering up 8 floors of the parking deck roundabout at work. +2 on the oil comment, I've done that when I first got the bike and it does stink.
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