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Thanks for the update. Being a DCT owner I’m taking a special interest in this!
UPDATE: well my CT has gone back to the selling dealers (CMC at Cannock who are brilliant by the way) under warranty.  They have had a look at it but there is nothing obvious so it's being sent onward to Honda for the full diagnostic treatment.

I was secretly hoping that it was something I'd done when fitting the bash plate as it would mean a quick and simple fix.  Seems like I'm not going to get away with that which is a disappointment.  CMC have given me a courtesy bike in the meantime which is a Yam Tracer T9.  Not a bad little bike but not a patch on the CT in terms of comfort and quality.  At least I'm mobile though which is very much appreciated.

My frustration is compounded by the fact that my Givi Trekker Outback Panniers arrived today, but with no bike to install them on much to my chagrin, it seems I shall have to be patient. 

(I'm not big on being patient. Spike Milligan had it nailed when he said that "patience is a word invented by dull buggers who can't think fast enough"). 

More updates as and when.


Crosstourer - General Discussion / Re: Crosstourer Model Designation
« Last post by Klj on Sep 29, 2022, 09.55 am »
 2018 DCT imo  :002:
Hi. I agree. I had already spliced a quick release connector into both LED lights a while back, so that when I needed to remove the feather lite Honda bar i just had to unplug each light and then take the bar off for whatever reason. Uts easy to do, up near the headlight.  So with the heeds I can just unlug one or both lights before takine one or both Heed bars off...  ken
My problem with the honda crashbar is not that they are easy to remove, its that it need to remove the led lights cable as well, you take 10 minutes more for nothing.
on top of that, when you touch it, it moves.... not very safe I guess..
Hi. I reckon they are removable . Also the Heed is very easy to remove . Just one side if that’s all you need. Three bolts per side : two into the frame and the shared 13 mm under the head light . I’m going to fit bumpers as well . Ken
With the heed, is it possible to remove the side panels?
I'd snatch them up if you weren't so far away ;)
New Members / Re: New CT rider from the Netherlands
« Last post by Red Boll on Sep 27, 2022, 08.47 pm »

Enjoy your CT!
New Members / Re: Witam z Bieszczad
« Last post by Red Boll on Sep 27, 2022, 08.45 pm »
Welcome Sławek from the flat country in the west!  :038:

No mountains here, must be nice to ride the CT in that area.

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