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Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Booster-plug
« Last post by Pickaxe on Yesterday at 11:24 am »
My engine is now perfectly behaved in any gear or situation. I certainly wouldn't want to have to use 1st and 2nd gears at 30mph. My DCT version selects 5th at about 30mph on a steady light throttle.
Yes correct if you disconnect the O2 sensors, the engine just runs on the predetermined map and without trying to lean off to meet emissions rules.
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Booster-plug
« Last post by thetrecker on Yesterday at 11:07 am »
I have no input on the booster plug, but if you are riding in town at 30-35mph and the drive shaft is banging, you are riding in too high of a gear. I know the uneven delivery at this speed exaggerates the problem but 1st and 2nd are the only gears to calm this banging.
If you disconnect the O2 sensor, the engine will run in open loop mode.

I got the misano evo cartridge kit with springs to my weight which I'm setting up for touring. I've not been able to ride it much yet so its currently at the stock settings. the 30 miles i've been its got the same sharp handling (quick turn in and smooth planted feel) of what of the k-tech valves and hyper pro springs but much less harsh over bumps as its linear rather then progressive springs.

I'll write up my full experience once i've had time to dial in the settings that suit me along with my overall experience of setting the whole bike up which includes review of hyper pro rear shock.
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Booster-plug
« Last post by Pickaxe on Yesterday at 08:13 am »
The Booster Plug does improve the throttle situation, however, it still has the oxygen sensors continually leaning off the mixture under certain throttle conditions. If you disconnect the O2 sensors and keep the BP connected, you're left with a straight 10%ish increase in fuel richness,  resulting in great power, lovely throttle characteristics, but offset by pretty poor fuel consumption.

My experience so far has been to simply disconnect the O2 sensors. This allows the engine to run on the fuel map that Honda intended, keeps the throttle smooth and the fuel consumption reasonable. The one downside is a permanently lit FI light.

The DCT reset is purely to adjust the clutch, primarily after service work. It doesn't alter shift points and the system doesn't learn rider habits. It may make shifts smoother.
Hallo! What about your Adreani experience!?
What configuration did you buy ( street,  touring,...)? How does front feel now?

not sure best way to go about selling the items. i've just upgraded to Andreani Fork Cartridge Kit and i had k-tech valves and hyper pro springs in the bike which have been pulled out the bike see below however, While i do have the OEM valves and springs I'm not mechanically minded so would have to get someone to rebuild the stock if i wanted to extract the k-tech valves so was thinking it might be easier just to sell it as a whole unit £300 (that's all internals with k-tech valves and hyper pro springs). I'm open to just selling the valves if your able to take them out and put the stock ones back in. 

Just word of warning for anyone wanting to take this upgrade path they work great as long as you are a lighter rider however, if your like me lets say a jolly fellow (very overweight :008:)  the progressive springs compress quickly and i ended up sitting past the progressive part. this made it feel more like a race bike which while would have been great on a track not so nice on the road. its handing was awsome  :046:
Items Wanted / Re: BoosterPlug For Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer 14-20
« Last post by Kozikot on Aug 14, 2022, 07.13 pm »
Basically due to Euro 5 Emissions that all bikes had to Pass when New (Euro 6 now) Manufactures run them very lean at low rpm's,the Booster fools the ECU into thinking that the Outside Air is Colder than it really is so the ECU enriches the Mixture which in turn eliminates the Kangaroo Fuel at low rpm's,I've got one on my Triumph Bobber Black and had one on my Multistrada both which also ran lean at low rpm's...it only adjusts the fuel mixture at low revs...
Items Wanted / Re: BoosterPlug For Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer 14-20
« Last post by Maza1 on Aug 14, 2022, 06.19 pm »
Hello sir, can you tell me what it sorted out for you?
I believe my 2014DCT has some less power in 2-5k rpms range, but i am no sure. Somebody explain there is a leaner mixture Air/Fuel due to emissions control, so i was thinking booster plug would sort it out?
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