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    Re: 12volt socket(s)
    Reply #24 on: Sep 27, 2023, 01.41 pm
    Sep 27, 2023, 01.41 pm
    *Originally Posted by Hound [+]
    Although I apologise for the fact that we've strayed a bit from the original topic of the 12v socket, this is how I wired the spotlights and added LEDs for the Honda switch.

    Power and ground go to the battery as you described, and I powered the relay with a feed from the dipped headlight wire so that if the auxiliary lights are switched on when starting the bike, they will go out when the headlight does to preserve power.

    I have an amber LED always on (when ignition is on) just to illuminate the switch button. Turning on the lights changes the LED to blue via a switching relay. (If you only want the button lit for visibility, you won't need the second relay.)
    It's my thread and I say we can stray.  :001:

    I like the idea of what you've done with the dual colour LEDs as although DE65Y's comment made me chuckle, in daylight it is probably not obvious they are on.

    I have in mind to make changes to the lights anyway. I want to be able to ride without the headlight on. It's a bugbear of mine that I want to decide when to use the headlight and when not to. However I am not against 'Daytime Running Lights', so I will change the 'sidelights' to LEDs which will be brighter and they'll be on permanently, then be able to switch on the headlights when I want - i.e. it's getting dark. I might just use the foglight switch for that and parallel the fogs with the headlights, so all on and off together. I cannot (yet) see any time I might want the headlights and not the fogs, with the proviso that I have decent LED DRLs.

    I'll have a think about all that and make some changes for next year - including cast wheels, but that is DEFINITELY a different thread.

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    Re: 12volt socket(s)
    Reply #25 on: Feb 08, 2024, 12.14 am
    Feb 08, 2024, 12.14 am
    I am currently installing mccruise and CarPlay screen so taking a thorough look at the current setup. I am also replacing the OEM lighter socket for a USB version with voltmeter. For future reference I have marked the connector from the 12v socket to the bikes harness.