Author another bike -after the Hippo-its not simple is it?  (Read 593 times)

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    another bike -after the Hippo-its not simple is it?
    on: Apr 01, 2022, 09.51 pm
    Apr 01, 2022, 09.51 pm
    so the weight (of the bike before you say it!) got to me and the Hippo had to go as I ride for FUN not to challenge my ability to hold it up! The little Fazer is fun all right but hardly serious for touring.
    So I cast about and thought I had sussed it with a Tracer 900 GT.Yes I know the bike isn't a patch on the Hippo and no DCT -but it's got thick chrome on the forks!
    so sussing it out it#s got
    a seat that's not the most comfortable
    a suspension set up basic  budget
    a snatchy throttle
    rubbish OEM tyres

    this is sounding familar? So you pay say £10k for a used  bike that's got cruise control,quick shifter,traction modes, panniers etc - so far so good -but then have to put right the usual culprits!
    stonking engine -a triple - they all say but compared to a Triumph it's £3k less -maybe more expensive components?
    So should I try and find a Yam  that's been sorted - all thoughts appreciated! I reckon a 2018-2020 model .

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    Re: another bike -after the Hippo-its not simple is it?
    Reply #1 on: Apr 02, 2022, 11.04 pm
    Apr 02, 2022, 11.04 pm
    Oh no bazza950..... I know you talk about the earlier model but here's my 2cents worth.
    A 900gt landed in a local dealer a few weeks ago, 7klms on the clock, red, €14800 euro. I thought about it too. no improvement in the seat even though riders are complaining since the first model.( fancy Yamaha upgraded seat is £300stg- probably €500 for us over here). 110kph ( 66mph?) at 4500rpm seems a little more frantic that a CT. Plenty of reports on the forums about the electronic suspension being still basic. Quickshifter not performing correctly at casual riding. strange unnecessary corner lighting. It does'nt seem as well built as a CT to me ( it is good value though) I could not live with the cable going to the Lambda sensor on the manifold being cable tied to the bottom rad hose and the whole thing exposed to the front tyre  with no mud guard worth talking about, just no. The panniers are tilted at a funny angle, makes a otherwise nice bike look frumpy. Too much searching when I look down at the clocks, left or right, left or right. Brakes are just ok, no great bite.
    Went to the NEC in December to see it but it was'nt there, real bad start, kinda had a negative feeling back then from that, poor show Yamaha.
    These are just my opinions, hope I don't upset any owners.

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