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    Brake failure. I bought the bike TODAY
    on: Mar 28, 2022, 07.45 pm
    Mar 28, 2022, 07.45 pm
    Hi. First post on this forum and it's a bad one... I need help

    I bought my CT today. Now, I tested this bike a couple of times a couple of weeks ago and everything seemed great. I put an offer on the bike a few days ago and they accepted. I will not name the dealer but it is a Main Honda dealer. The bike has 5 and a half thousand miles on it. Full service history.

    SO, I ride home, all seemed normal except I noticed the throttle seemed very snatchy at low speed, also the bike seemed to not go along smoothly, doing about 40-50 I'm having to ride the throttle to keep the speed up and smooth. I assume it's just the way the throttle is and I have to get used to it.

    Then I go out again about an hour later and here's where the real trouble starts... I'm going up a single lane about 15 mph, come to a 90 degree turn go for the brake and the brake lever is stuck solid. I couldn't move it. I go down the gears to slow the bike, a few seconds later the brake frees up and seems ok again. 5 minutes later I'm going along an A road doing about 45-50 and the bike suddenly slow down. At first I think it's an engine problem but then it picks back up. I think the brakes came on again hard then released (without me touching them) I continue home and feel that non smooth thing again as I'm going along. My assumption is the brakes have a serious problem.

    What do I do? I want to take the bike back and get a full refund tbh. I assume they will just say no and propose the have a look at the brakes for me but I don't feel like I have any confidence now in this bike. If they completely replace the brake system that might be ok but I don't know.

    Has anyone here experienced anything like what I am describing? any help asap would be seriously appreciated

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    Re: Brake failure. I bought the bike TODAY
    Reply #1 on: Apr 01, 2022, 07.03 pm
    Apr 01, 2022, 07.03 pm
    I had the frozen brake lever problem. I took it in and they said there was an ABS problem. Whatever it was, the dealer fixed it for free. (Keep in mind, mine was still under warranty)