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    hard wiring front and rear camera
    on: Mar 19, 2022, 01.47 pm
    Mar 19, 2022, 01.47 pm
    I recently purchased a front and rear camera but as I am useless at mechanics etc I asked a local bike electrical specialist to fit it for me.  Alas after two hours of stripping the fairing etc he called me to say he could not fit the unit as there was no way to get into the wiring loom.  Moreover he couldn't fix it direct to the battery as this would drain the battery as the camera would be on all the time.  He also said that he has never met this problem on any other bike.

    So my question is - has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you overcome it?

    Finally and if the unit cannot be hard wired can anyone suggest a camera with a good battery life that doesn't need hardwiring.

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    Re: hard wiring front and rear camera
    Reply #1 on: Mar 19, 2022, 02.51 pm
    Mar 19, 2022, 02.51 pm
    There are a few ways to wire to the ignition switched circuit.

    Use either the Quartet connector under the left front fairing, 6 way plug and use the green for ground and the black yellow wire as 12v+ ignition live, if you need a battery 12v+ use the white/green wire.

    You'll need a pair of HM 090 male crimp terminals and seals to suit the gauge of the wires.

    You could add a Quartet harness part number 08A00MGH640 which adds three male 2.8mm mini latch connectors which are switched by the ignition switch and are protected by the accessory fuse, you'll need a female 3 Way 2.8mm Mini Latch Motorcycle Connector to crimp on to the DVR/camera power lead.

    You could also use the red 4 way OBD plug using a pair of HM 90 female terminals and seals suitable for the gauge of the wires. the wires you want are green for ground and black/white for 12v+ ignition live although it is not recommended to use that as its protected y the 10A PGM-FI fuse at the starter solenoid.

    There should be black 2 way 2.8mm mini latch motorcycle connector with light green/black 12v+ ignition switched and a green ground wire, protected by the same accessory fuse as the quartet socket.

     I haven't found the connector yet as I have only managed to remove the left panel as someone has overtightened the fasteners that affix the fairing panels together, I'm looking for replacement left and right tank panels as the clips for the tank have been broken off too. Possibly by the idiots at some Honda dealership, who wired the accessory socket and Givi foglights directly to the battery instead of supplying and fitting a Quartet harness, I have the invoice though I won't name dealerships as it wasnt my bike at the time. I have disconnected the foglights as the are wired so badly, - red, + black directly to the battery so they can be switched on without ignition or worse left on when the bike is switched off. I've since bought a Quartet harness, I'm going to remove the Givi lights, add a Honda fog light switch and fit a spare set of Touratech Hella DE Micro fog and DE Xenon high beam lights to the crash bar brace once I've made a bracket

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    Re: hard wiring front and rear camera
    Reply #2 on: Mar 19, 2022, 05.31 pm
    Mar 19, 2022, 05.31 pm
    Excellent detailed info from AnotherHonda there. The accessories connector lives under the left hand fairing panel
    but is partly hidden by plastic framework. If there's a quartet harness in there with a spare connector, Bob's your
    uncle. If not, you could easily make a splitter harness of your own (but fuse each branch individually for extra safety).
    I run a satnav, heated grips and a 12v socket from that source.

    Other advice worthy of note is not overtightening the two alloy hex bolts on the fairing panel. I have had the same
    problem as AnotherHonda where a previous owner (or spotty youth at a dealer) has overtightened the lower bolt
    that its captive nut on the other side now spins. The hooks at the rear of both my tank panels have been broken too!
    Take care in there...

    Sounds like your bike electrics "specialist" isn't that clued up.  :187:

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    Re: hard wiring front and rear camera
    Reply #3 on: Mar 19, 2022, 08.40 pm
    Mar 19, 2022, 08.40 pm
    Could you tell us the model of the cameras you buyed?
    Change your mechanic....

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    Re: hard wiring front and rear camera
    Reply #4 on: Mar 21, 2022, 11.59 am
    Mar 21, 2022, 11.59 am
    Yea, The local bike electrical specialist needs to be avoided in the future please.