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Author [ES] [CA] [PL] [PT] [IT] [DE] [FR] [NL] [DK] [NO] [GR] [TR] Topic: Greetings from Sweden. Soon former Varadero owner, and becoming VFR1200x owner.  (Read 1888 times)

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Hi there. My name is Johhny (the Walking Walker).  :001: when not biking so to speak.  :028:

I am 48 year old, living in the southern part of Sweden. born in the northern part of Finland, and I am working as Support technician.

For the moment I am a Hinda Varadero XL 1000 VA 2009 owner, and soon becoming a VFR1200X owener instead. I do have driven a BMW 800 GS also earlier before I did decide for a Varadero.

I will be getting the bike last week in february and I am counting days now. The bike was ordered just before the EICMA show. Of what I am able to see in the movies from test drives with the bike it seems to be a hit this one. I could, also, see that the  bike tends to have a little tendency to be willing to continue forward in the bends.

The weight is not an issue for me regarding this bike. Only the fuel capacity can be an issue sometimes. I did chose standard gearbox instead of the automatic one with paddles in order to not loose, for med, the biking feeling that I do long for.

This winter, despite some icy weather and, occassionaly, couple snowy storm weather I do have driving my Varadero, and it's a wonderful bike.

With the new one, better balanced, more power, no chain, 1200 mile service intervals insted of 600 miles, and so forth I will be touring around Europa from north to south, east to west.  :152:

I am a memmber at http://www.vfr-forum.se and http://www.hjulbent.se too.

Best for you all.
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 :400: Johny and congratulation for your new bike  :062: you probably will be one of the first owner if you get the bike next week a  :305:
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Welcome to the group and very exciting to hear that you are expectibg delivery late Feb  :062: ... Jacob
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Welcome here, and we'll be waiting for your sensations about the bike !
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Johny, welcome to the forum.  :400:

I have to wait until the end of March for mine.   :003: :003: :003:

Looking forward to hearing your first impressions.  :031:

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 :400: :400: :400: to the froum Johny..... Greetings from Singapore...
Though i will be expecting delivery only late April, I'm very excited for you guys who will be getting it very sooooon....


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