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    Re: 2019 CT vs 2014 GS - my thoughts
    Reply #8 on: Dec 02, 2021, 04.30 pm
    Dec 02, 2021, 04.30 pm
    I had a 05GS and was looking to move to a newer bike.  So I set out a good spreadsheet and started comparing.  I took a manual CT out for a ride and fell in love with the "spunk".  I hopped on and instantly felt this bike wanted to be flogged.  Most of the different old man bikes I tried felt like pack horses.  They did that well but didn't tingle the hooligan.

    I was also impressed with the LACK of gizmos.  Keep it simple.

    So as such I ended up with the DCT and love it.  It's a hooligan to commute on (for what it is), and makes a great pack mule. Then in the end I was 6-7K less than others even with all the add ons, when compared to "other" similar bikes.

    I have a buddy with an 08 CBR he rides the crap out of and all he ever did was change oil, tires and brakes.  I'd never had a bike like that.  Now I do.
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