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    t rex engine covers offically tested
    on: Sep 03, 2021, 02.54 pm
    Sep 03, 2021, 02.54 pm
    Hi all well my orginal post was going to be about my purchase of the t rex racing engine cover protectors and then posting a pic of them on the bike dtc 1200 etc etc..

    Well I can now say that one week in they work a treat (all my own doing)
    So I'm out with  two mates in the Trough of Bolland a BMW1250 hp with every conceivable  extra and a TDM900 so we pull over and TDM   disappears  up a steep (and i mean steep )shale road   while me and my other mate where having a drink and a natter 20 mins later no sign of TDM  so we ride back to the start of this road and no sign of him,

    So reluctantly we decide to head up just in case, 
    we spot the TDM rider waving about half a mile up this step incline so we feared the worst and up we went BMW first me second now this road was grass and shale and steep (oh  and no vehicles allowed in tiny of print)  what can you do with a franticaly waving mate,anyway heres where the t rex protectors come in and my stupid school boy error happens I forgot to turn tracton control off went up a very steep part lost grip gave it a bit of throttle the bike went nowhere started sliding backwards and then threw me off to my right tearing my hamstring in the process (the pain was the worst I have ever felt including a left foot bent the wrongway round and smashed to bits)...

    Anyway 15 minutes of shouting and swearing lying on the floor , the two of them come round the corner very gingerly and sweating ,turns out TDM rider was waving trying to say don't come up its lethal !! ffs!! and they where stuck at a dead end with a 100ft drop and had to turn the bikes around between them

    How I laughed NOT !! anyway the job was to now get the crosstourer up turned round and pointing down hill I was usless because i could hardly stand up but they managed it bless them ,so damage wise it was a footpeg snapped and my shark exhaust scratched and that was it no panel damage not even the engine bars where scratched and the topbox escaped too considering it slide about 10ft down a slope I was expecting the worst
    managed to swap a rear footpeg and after a hour of me lying down got the bike home :047: :047:

    So do I recommend them?
    Indeed I do they cost me £165 delivered, half the price was postage and customs they are for a vfr1200 f but do fit and saved a fair bit of damage I reckon hopefully I can load some pics etc
    sat with leg up and bored so sorry about the long winded post  :156: :008:

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