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    New to DCT forum
    on: Aug 08, 2021, 04.32 am
    Aug 08, 2021, 04.32 am
     After many years on Honda’s and then many more on BMW’s, I came back to the ‘17 VFR-X 
    I’m a rider of 34 yrs on multiple marquess I’m a road oriented solo rider in the northwest US, covering 15-20K a year between commuting and week long runs.
    Picking my new off the dealership floor model that’s 4 yrs old seems strange but even laying down cash on a bike I’ve never driven was not what I usually do, I find my ride totally worth it.
    But I do have an issue. My manual alludes to S mode as having 3 levels and the screen shows a V with the bottom filled in like there’s more levels available but I can’t find how to actuate the other levels. Repeated pressing the S lever doesn’t change anything.
    Any help would be appreciated!
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