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Introduction from Phil
on: June 10, 2021, 10:18:19 PM
I am Phil from West Sussex in England, and been riding on and off for 40+ years. Currently I am inquiring about part exchanging a scooter for a Crosstourer. I took a DCT for a test ride about a year a go mainly because I had a crash about 30 years a go and was lucky to keep my left leg. I thought a DCT would be the way to go if I have further problems it would mean I could keep riding. I was sceptical an automatic bike wouldn't give me good slow speed control and it would change gear at the wrong time. The test ride absolutely dispelled any concerns I had and it was like it fitted me like a glove and it felt like I had been riding the bike for years. I have a Quadro 4 350cc scooter that I hoped my wife would find a "stepping stone" to a big bike but that hasn't happened. It is just not an enjoyable at all, being it's "twist and go" with a belt driven CVT transmission and free wheels at about 10 mph when winding off the throttle. In the past, I have had a number of Hondas, two of them being VFRs (a 500 and 750). I want to do some long distance touring as well as some ride outs with friends. The Crosstourer I'm looking at has done 25000 miles so I am hoping it will be OK. If I get it, the oils will get tested and a dealer will give it a thorough check.


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Re: Introduction from Phil
Reply #1 on: June 11, 2021, 06:24:12 AM
HI Phil ,I love the DCT but like most owners find the sheer bulk a problem- dont bother with the gym ,just try rolling the bike out of a parking place.An issue I never expected was putting it on the centre stand- a new right hip joint 6 years ago makes me a bit wary on pushing down too hard on that side,.I only mention it as its very importat to be able to steady the bike using your left at stops-especially if 2 up -and you mention a left leg problem.
make sure you have a proper test of this aspect -above 2 mph the bike is a doddle,its only at stop it can be an issue.
at 25k look hard at the chrome on the forks -and expect suspension and re greasing needs.
If you buy it-enjoy!