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    DCT reset
    on: May 09, 2021, 04.00 pm
    May 09, 2021, 04.00 pm
    Hi peeps, read on here about the DCT reset procedure, which as far as I know, had never been done on my steed, even though it had just been serviced at main dealer. Carried out the procedure and blimey, what a difference, gone are the jerky clunky low speed gear changes and it felt like a new bike to ride!

    Could be a quick fix for anyone else that’s got a DCT with those symptoms.

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    Re: DCT reset
    Reply #1 on: Jun 03, 2021, 04.02 pm
    Jun 03, 2021, 04.02 pm
    Well done. I do mine every 1000k or when it seems clunky. Mine was real noisy when I first got it, and the dealer said it was normal as part of the break in process, the reset is a normal part but not the clunk. Mostly I run it in manual mode, and in traffic Sport 2 seems to be the least problematic. It took 3200 miles for the whole machine to settle down and run smoothly.