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    I finally have one ,first impressions on the ride home
    on: Mar 28, 2021, 09.11 am
    Mar 28, 2021, 09.11 am
    So after much saving and selling stuff I now own a 17 plate white Dct, with 13000 miles on the clock plus a few goodies bolted on too,Not the colour I was originally after ( the price was too good to refuse for a updated model),but in a strange way the first crosstourer I sat on was a white so maybe Karma.

    So my thoughts on the ride home in no particular order if anyone else is interested

    Dear Mr Honda why did you stick the bloody horn where the idicators go!! I must of beeped about 50 random cars on the way home!!

    The engine is fantastic powerful and smooth

    Comfort wise seems roomy enough and the numb arse came in about 80 miles  but didn't get too horrendous

    The dct is witch craft but I started to get the hang of it.. sport 3 is a hoot

    The handling seems ok the tyres are squared off so I'll be replacing them asap ,,,,,,as the old well worn saying goes you don't feel the weight on the move which is indeed a fact

    Adjustable screen is decent I'm 6ft and shrinking but did a ok job

    The throttle is a bit snatchy which made filtering in some road works a completely new experience with the Dct ,I don't know why Honda didn't go and put the rear brake on the left bar for more ease of control at low speed ,speaking as a silverwing scooter owner too .But i know that will cause a moral debate in the world of real bikes :)

    fuel consumption was suprisingly good averaging about 53 on the motorway

    Seat hight ... too high for me I have a pinned and mangled left foot which I can't bend to flat foot the bike so I will have to get a lowered seat

    By god its heavy  backing down the path from the sellers house was a experience
    then putting it on the main stand at home was another thank god the gym is opening soon

    Fit and finish seem up to the usual honda standards everything is solid and looks quality

    The Honda luggage is simple to attach and looks good too on the bike

    Brakes seem good not too fierce but powerful

    The dash is easy to read the rev counter just needs a bit more getting used too nice clear easy display with what you need and nothing more

    I will defo be replacing the Honda crash bars with a decent set I don't want to curse myself by saying I'll drop it but need decent protection just in-case

    So there you go just my ramblings about my new bike and sods law its hammering down with rain so I can't go and clean and polish it !!

    I absolutely love the bike looking forward to trawling this site for seat, crashbar ,tyre advice now that I actually have one :)

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    Re: I finally have one ,first impressions on the ride home
    Reply #1 on: Mar 28, 2021, 10.23 am
    Mar 28, 2021, 10.23 am
    A fair assessment. I still haven't got used to the throttle. Enjoy 

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    Re: I finally have one ,first impressions on the ride home
    Reply #2 on: Mar 28, 2021, 05.24 pm
    Mar 28, 2021, 05.24 pm
    Sidco, congrats on your new white Crosstourer.  I have been giving a lot of thought to which tires (tyres) I’ll use to replace the stock Bridgestones on my bike when it’s time.  I honestly only ride on paved roads —- the extent of my off-road riding is the occasional gravel parking lot.  If I did ride unpaved roads I would be getting a pair of Michelin’s excellent Anakee Adventures.  Since I’m exclusively riding on pavement I’m leaning toward Michelin’s Road 5 Trail tires, but Metzeler’s Roadtec 01 and Pirelli’s Angel GT are also proven and well regarded sport touring options available in 110/80R19 and 150/70R17.   

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    Re: I finally have one ,first impressions on the ride home
    Reply #3 on: Mar 28, 2021, 08.49 pm
    Mar 28, 2021, 08.49 pm
    Good luck with a new bike!
    Horn and inicators, you going to get use to and as i have at home Superblackbird, and Yam Fazer after time, now i like more Crosstourer layout!
    Thats automatism!
    I have installed Michelin PR5 trail and so far i m happy!!