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    brake piston removal tool
    on: Mar 18, 2021, 10.28 am
    Mar 18, 2021, 10.28 am
    still had a grabby rear wheel on my DCT! I took off the parking brake -and wheel was still sticking -the disc getting warm in a couple of minutes run up on the centre stand.Not good
    so decided to strip out the caliper again!
    Thought i would be prepared so bought a Seeley piston removal tool - £18- like circlip pliers but once opened inside the piston you tighten a bolt that maintains the tension.
    Except IT DOESNT FIT !
    the closed setting is too wide for the rear brake pistons.
    So thats going back
    just telling you all in case you are thinking of buying one
    Anyway I put a pair od pliers inside -gently and the piston moved -then I managed to get both out without a lot of effort
    all back in place now after checking all -it WORKED! :787: