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    on: Mar 13, 2021, 08.57 pm
    Mar 13, 2021, 08.57 pm
    I was riding in the traffic in a tropical monsoon yesterday afternoon for about 20 minutes. At the lights, when the rain had lightened. I noticed that there was steam emitting from the front of the bike. And the fan was running. It rather looked like smoke, but it did not smell bad. Then all of a sudden the engine gets cut off.

    I waited for about 3 seconds, and restarted the bike without any effort.

    What was happening?! I suppose it was an auto shut-off to prevent overheating. But in the rain?!

    Did anyone experience this? Should I be worried? I notice for the rest of the day, the fan seems to come on quicker.

    The bike has no modification other than an Arrow end can.
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    Reply #1 on: Mar 14, 2021, 01.19 am
    Mar 14, 2021, 01.19 am
    Not on a CT but I have ridden in very heavy rain and when I ve come to a halt an awful lot of white smoke- it was in fact steam, but the engine didn’t die

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    Reply #2 on: Mar 14, 2021, 05.40 am
    Mar 14, 2021, 05.40 am
    The white smoke is normal. While riding the steam gets blown backwards but straight up at the traffic lights with low or no wind.
    Shutting down is not normal but in the circumstances there might be a connector getting too wet.
    When i do maintenance i clean the connectors once in a while and put some acid free Vaseline in to protect the electrical system for corrosion and water.
    Had it once or twice with the VTEC, not shutting down but de Fi light lit up when i drove in rain wit a lot of spray from below.