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    luggage - a new twist!
    on: Feb 08, 2021, 03.47 pm
    Feb 08, 2021, 03.47 pm
    I thought I had seen it all but now find that luggage bags are being made to fit Inside crash bars.Look on that auction site to see what i mean.
    Sure we have bolt on panniers - top boxes - tank bags but a couple of different types.
    Theres the harley type "roll" that fits under their headlights -not really practical on our bikes .I have seen a tool bag that sits on  the sump guard on some off roaders -nice and low.But the bags that I came across in Morocco sort of hung like saddle bags either side of the tank .The rider was from Central Europe -we only had a brief chat as we passed each other on identical bikes near Marrakesh so had to stop for a chat (see photo).He tried my bike -I took photo.
    So when I saw the "in the centre of the crash bars" bags I was intrigued .Obviously they arent very big the weight is low and won't interfere with handlebars . Only £40-£50 so what do you think?

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    Re: luggage - a new twist!
    Reply #1 on: Feb 08, 2021, 07.33 pm
    Feb 08, 2021, 07.33 pm
    When i was looking for crashbar bags i also noticed those but i decided not to get them.
    I was afraid that when i put something in it and i drop the bike that the crashbars became useless as the filled bags can damage the plastic.
    First i had crashbar bags from Lomo but they weren't crashproof and now i have made a harness on the back of 2 Aux Pox from Mosko Moto.
    Here i have the Lomo, not bad considering the price. Just don't go offroad with them on tracks with a high risk of falling.

    And this is my Mosko Moto version.