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    on: Nov 08, 2020, 07.49 pm
    Nov 08, 2020, 07.49 pm
    Hi y'all, I'm just lurking for some honest users inside info on the 1200X-DCT, please be gentile! :164:
    Had VFR's since 1986 (the pearl white 750) and renewed it every 5 years until I stumbled over a Kathoom SD990, a Beemer 1200GS and now I own a CRF1000DCT I bought brand new in 2016.

    But still the VFR engine keeps hangin in my memory as a very reliable but torque eager characteristic.
    Is the 1200-X a good upgrade with this in mind? Or has Honda lowered the build quality even lower than BMW??
    Please inform me on these items, cause the 1200-X seems a good
    substitute for a CRF-twin for it's V4 has lot's of torque in the basement ??

    thanks for relevant answers! :020:

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    Re: firsttimer
    Reply #1 on: Nov 08, 2020, 10.02 pm
    Nov 08, 2020, 10.02 pm

    I think you should find your account!  :028:

    This engine is extraordinary!  :046:

    I had V4s, V2s, 4s in line but this engine fulfills me on all points.

    You should try one!

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    Re: firsttimer
    Reply #2 on: Nov 09, 2020, 10.21 am
    Nov 09, 2020, 10.21 am
    Morning, I think the build quality is very high on this bike. Like you I did a lot of reading up before getting one. I have not been disappointed. I went for the DCT and I really like it. It's got plenty of oomph and I have previously had Hayabusa's/ ZZR1400's so know what a quick bike feels like. IMHO the CT is only fractions of a second behind bikes like that upto fairly sensible speeds (say 80mph ish), it's only at much higher speeds when aerodynamics, weight and power deficits come into play. But who rides like that anyway? Unless you go up and down the autobahn every day?. I rode an AT and did like it but for me I prefer the CT as a road bike/all rounder.

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    Re: firsttimer
    Reply #3 on: Nov 09, 2020, 01.17 pm
    Nov 09, 2020, 01.17 pm
    *Originally Posted by PhaseShifter [+]

    .......Or has Honda lowered the build quality even lower than BMW??

    Absolutely not. Having read the GS forums, BMW seem to be in a league of there own when it comes to problems.

    If you’ve experienced the VFR previously then your going to be blown away by the Crosstourer. In my opinion it is one of THE finest engines currently fitted too two wheels.
    Try one, especially the DCT and I’ll guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  :028: