Author Topic: Has anyone connected with the ECU to display info on a PC/Tablet/phone  (Read 322 times)

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For all my other bikes I can use an app or PC program to connect to the ECU and then with a bluetooth dongle send that data in real-time to the device and display it.  Some apps allow you to change the parameters but that isn't what I'm looking for, just display.  Why?  Why not?

With another way to display engine data you could mimic the newer TFT displays such as that on the Africa Twin and other newer models. It doesn't improve anything about how the bike performs, its just a why not thing. Since the ECU parameters can be changed there must be a tool that lets someone write the data as well as save the existing ECU maps.

If you have or know of a solution that does this, how about posting the source here? If there isn't some readily available app to do this I'm seriously considering hiring someone to write an app to do just what I said. A read only app wouldn't create any risk for bricking the ECU.
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I think a member on the NC700/750 forum did it hardwired though.  I posted a thread over there.

Might help.