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    Stock no reflash and speedo is GPS accurate
    on: Jul 13, 2020, 10.24 pm
    Jul 13, 2020, 10.24 pm
    I'm used to stock speedometers reading from slight to overly optimistic. Not so on my 2017 DCT. I went out yesterday and measure against a GPS (actually two different ones) the speedo read exactly the same as the GPS all the way to 90mph. Past that and even approaching that it really doesn't matter as the ticket isn't worth it.

    At first I thought, sure, at the lower speeds the difference might be slight but even at elevated speeds it was spot on. I also discovered that a change in seats took lean pressure off and as it came from the factory, the snatchiness of the throttle virtually disappeared. It seems that with less pressure on the wrists the effect of the throttle because very smooth. Instead of bumps in mid turn at slower speeds invoking some snatch, nothing.

    I'm running pure gas and that does make a bit of a difference in how the engine runs, smoother it feels than on the pump stuff with the blend we get out here.