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    Now I need your help... Question about Givi Airflow
    on: Jun 24, 2020, 05.33 pm
    Jun 24, 2020, 05.33 pm
    I ordered a Givi Airflow for my CT 2012 yesterday and today i received the package. "wow, that was fast" i  thought, but when i opened the package i can only see the bottom screen that you screw onto the bike, i cant find ANYTHING else in the box.

    I cant find anywhere on the sellers page that it says that this is just a spare-part, or something like that.
    I also tried to search for this product on eBay to see if the two screens are sold separately, but with no luck. All the sellers on ebay seems to offer the both screens as a complete product.

    I bought it from this page:

    Right now its out of stock and that's probably because i bought the last one. But does it say on the webbpage that this is just the bottom part of the two screens?
    And it also say: "complete with specific fitting kit / to be mounted instead of the original screen" I didnt recive anything else but one of the two screens in my package. Am i supposed to get a manual on how the product is fitted and such things?

    Im from sweden, so im really doing my best to be understood here.
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