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Site now open !
on: November 07, 2011, 06:44:42 PM

After hearing that Honda have decided to put the Crosstourer into production we got this site up and running ASAP  :002:

It's a little premature as we haven't even seen the bike yet  :138:  and information is currently sparse, apart from some details at the EICMA launch.

However that will soon change and things will soon start to warm up and we'll then slowly know more about the bike.

We'll probably have a little wait till the Spring (?) before they go on sale but there's nothing like being prepared and getting a site like this up and running in advance.

So to all potential new members feel free to join up as you're most welcome to start the discussions rolling in the forum. Between now and when the bike goes on sale there will be plenty to talk about believe me  :169:

That just leaves me to say WELCOME    :821: