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    Hugger Comparison
    on: May 06, 2020, 10.59 am
    May 06, 2020, 10.59 am
    I find myself in a position to compare two aftermarket huggers. This because I ordered one from pyramid, having had good service in the past, but found it to be unsuitable for the purpose it is meant to perform. It is too short, not going far enough back above the wheel and also too close to the wheel. It is too narrow as well. The effect is that all the spray and crud gets thrown all over the rear of the bike including the suspension unit. It requires the rear wheel and silencer to be removed for fitting and although once that is done it does fit and I had no problems (as mentioned elsewhere) with alignment, the fixings are not impressive.
    When I complained to Pyramid they told me everybody else was happy with the product. I can't see how that would be true...but there you go! No interest in refund or putting it right with a proper design, although they did offer a discount on an Ermax screen although that (as, under that heading) I have already reported was not worth bothering with either!

    But if any bike ever needed a hugger it is the CT, so I spoke to Richard at Powerbronze. He confirmed details about the dimensions and the fitting and promised a refund if I was not satisfied, so I ordered one. The difference is astonishing. All of the above faults are rectified, it is better looking, has excellent fixings including a proper engineered bracket and can be fitted (with a bit of a fiddle) without removing the rear wheel. AND it Works!

    So now I have a Pyramid hugger that I couldn't for shame think of selling to anybody else, as well as an Ermax screen. The screen I might cut down to make a summer/sports screen and use the off-cuts for a screen deflector trial.

    I hope this is helpful!
    Robin Reliant.

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    Re: Hugger Comparison
    Reply #1 on: May 06, 2020, 05.21 pm
    May 06, 2020, 05.21 pm
    Hi robinreliant

    I totally agree with you on the pyramid hugger. It doesn't fit very well, needs packing off the swing arm to keep it away from the tyre and looks more like a case of style over substance. Had I seen the powerbronze product sooner I'd have got that and may yet get one if the plan to fit the 1200f rear wheel happens. Current circumstances are severely denting the bike bits fund!  :827: