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Selling/wanted Guidelines - please read before posting
« on: November 02, 2011, 01:39:03 PM »
Members can advertise private items here for free. You do so at your own risk and any arrangements are between yourself and the buyer/seller. Whether you are a purchaser or buyer please ensure that the offer is genuine.

Ideally ask members to PM you through the forum messenger system which is totally private. (Posting a home address is not recommended).

Please state clearly what you have for sale with the asking price. We reserve the right to delete any posts that we feel are unsuitable. Please do not abuse this facility.

If your item gets sold then please edit the title of the post and mark the item as SOLD. This will save members wasting their time, and you from getting unneeded responses.

Dealers wishing to advertise should contact the forum administrator via the personal messanging system. We have very low rates for advertising which might pleasantly surprise you.

Members should only reply to posts in this section if they have a genuine interest in the item and wish to obtain more information. Do not reply to posts with erroneous remarks if you have no interest in the item being offered.

Members who are not interested in buying the item are not permitted to add curt remarks regarding the sale price. If you do not agree with the price, do NOT post. Otherwise contact the seller and haggle between yourselves.

Good luck with your sale  :821: