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A bit more research
on: Jan 25, 2020, 09.05 pm
Jan 25, 2020, 09.05 pm
Hi all went to view a CT today. Sitting on it I found it comfortable with good ergos. Feet virtually flat footed controls all easy to hand. I really want to like this bike and have enough knowledge to make an informed purchase.
Reading through posts on here and searching as a result of this it appears there might be a problem with fairly high frequency vibration, particularly around the throttle side. What are peoples experiences of this? 
I have read that (proper) grip puppies alleviate this vibration when it is felt would this be correct?

One thing I will not put up with is high frequency uncomfortable vibes on a modern bike.
Blackbirds turbine smooth, CB1300 turbine smooth, even the VTX1800 rumbled but did not vibrate.
Hoping to book a test ride in the next few weeks when I have enough strength in my shoulders.

Lastly what is performance like in comparison with a Blackbird of the CB13

Thanks in anticipation

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    Re: A bit more research
    Reply #1 on: Jan 25, 2020, 09.42 pm
    Jan 25, 2020, 09.42 pm
    Hi Dave, cant say the vibes affect the CTs I have ridden / owned, I currently have a new model and its as smooth as a CB1300 but with v4 character, the power delivery is nothing like a BB, CT's are all about low down grunt not ballistic power, What I realised was that no matter what I did to my CB's and BB's, they had simply become long in the tooth, CT's are much more modern, the harshest thing I can say re the CT is that fuel consumption is way more than on inline 4's, the spoked wheels are hard work to clean and the seat could be better but for me personally the comfort and performance matches my needs now that I'm in the autumn of my biking career……….Oh and the pillion loves it too!

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    Re: A bit more research
    Reply #2 on: Jan 26, 2020, 12.35 pm
    Jan 26, 2020, 12.35 pm
    I've experienced no high-frequency vibrations.  However, I did find the front suspension to be very harsh.  The rear suspension was acceptable but just barely.  I've replaced the front springs and rear shock and that has removed nearly all of the harsh characteristics that were unacceptable to me.  If you read the posts here, it is a house divided on the tolerability of the suspension; some love it, some live with it, while others just can't stand it. 

    Wavey Dave

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    Wavey Dave

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    Re: A bit more research
    Reply #3 on: Jan 26, 2020, 03.56 pm
    Jan 26, 2020, 03.56 pm
    Thanks both!
    Glad to here about vibes and buzziness in bars being non-existent or rare. Research up to press says biggest problems are suspension, comfort and vibes. suspension and comfort are very subjective things but also fairly easily resolved. Vibes however are a different ballgame. Vibes and buzziness which have a cause i.e. Wheel out of true, balance, bearings etc. etc. Are relatively easy too once identified. I am talking about vibes that are built in and cannot be eradicated without serious engine/frame work. I loved the CB1300 and the VTX because they didn't have any. If course the VTX rumbled but didn't vibrate.
    I guess it's also worth clarifying vibration. For me it like when you hold an Xbox pad and the vibration is On or when you have vibrate switched on on your phone. It's intense, annoying, and uncomfortable for more than a few minutes, and utterly unacceptable in a modern engine. And no it isn't fudgkin  character.

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    Re: A bit more research
    Reply #4 on: Jan 26, 2020, 04.24 pm
    Jan 26, 2020, 04.24 pm
    Me just got a bike, last october! No any segnificant vibes from engine! Me have only issue with front fork! Hope hyperpro springs wil make this better!
    if it is a 30% better me happy!
    Have smoth Blackbird in the garage, it has more vibes than my Crosstourer!!!

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    Re: A bit more research
    Reply #5 on: Jan 26, 2020, 07.52 pm
    Jan 26, 2020, 07.52 pm
    I bought my CT with 5,000km with Bridgstone Battle Wing 501/502 tires, when driving at 80km / h felt vibrations on the handle bar, changed wheels to Bridgstone A41 all perfect, not vibrations. Then reason for vibrations: tyres in poor condition.

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    Re: A bit more research
    Reply #6 on: Jan 28, 2020, 12.12 am
    Jan 28, 2020, 12.12 am
    On my second CT and this is news to me

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    Re: A bit more research
    Reply #7 on: Jan 28, 2020, 08.24 am
    Jan 28, 2020, 08.24 am
    Occassionaly get a numb fingertip on throttle hand on the m/way after a lot of miles/hours droning at 80-ish. Back of tank can send out the vibes and numb the erm, "boys" if 2-up and plodding about at very low revs.

    Has never in 7yrs/30+k bothered me enough to do anything about it as it is rare and certainly not enough to not recommend a bloody excellent bike.  :028:

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