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    New Photos Gallery and new Forum Design
    on: Jan 01, 2020, 12.19 pm
    Jan 01, 2020, 12.19 pm
    New Photo Gallery

    The forum now has a brand new image hosting and Photos Gallery    :047:

    The new Gallery far exceeds the older gallery in features and is much more user friendly.

    Upload limit per image is now a mighty 5MB or 3840x2160 (4K) max.

    It is fast and secure, with images backup up instantly to secure cloud servers.  Images are delivered by CDN edge servers around the world so they also load pretty quickly wherever you are viewing them from.

    Links are also automatically generated for use on the forum.

    Members can also create their own albums and organise their photos as they wish

    New Gallery doubles as a Image Hosting Service !

    Instead of just being a Gallery for your photos it also doubles as an image hosting solution.

    This is on purpose as we wanted somewhere for members to host their photos and keep them in albums as they wish. Importantly it's easy to use, quick, and secure. The facility is for members only, you can store your photos and if required embed them easily into forum posts.

    The new Gallery does require you to create a seperate account as it's held on a seperate server that's optimised for image hosting. However, don't be put put off by that, once signed in it's really quick to upload single or multiples images at once, and the bbcode links are instantly generated so you can paste them into your posts. You can upload up to 40 images at a time.

    New Gallery Upload Button

    When you "compose" your post you now have the option of uploading an image (or multiple images) and having the bbcode links automatically embdded into your post.

    If you look under the post compostion box there is now a new "Upload images" button (see image below):

    Simply compose your post up to the point where you want your image(s) to appear. Then hit the "Upload images" button and you'll be taken to the Gallery where you can upload your image(s). You'll be prompted for your Gallery username/password if not already logged in. Once the image(s) have uploaded you'll be instantly returned to your post and the links will be "auto magically" inserted.

    Replacing Attachments for Images

    There are several technical reasons for this but in the future attachments will be confined to non-image files only.

    This won't happen straight away, however if you wish to add images to your posts then the preferred method will be to utilise the Photos Gallery.

    Members who had an Album in the Older Gallery

    If you had an album in the previous Gallery then your photos have already been migrated to the new Gallery. Any links to those photos which appear in posts have also been updated.

    Importantly we have also setup a Photos Gallery account for you.

    We'll be sending you your login details by pm over the next 24hrs.


    How to Upload Images to the Photos Gallery

    How to Embed an Image into your Forum Post

    New Forum Design and Updates

    The forum also has had an makeover with a new design. Importantly, it now can be used on mobiles and tablets

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    Re: New Photos Gallery and new Forum Design
    Reply #1 on: Jan 01, 2020, 03.23 pm
    Jan 01, 2020, 03.23 pm
     :787: That looks a lot fresher!  :047: Thanks for the effort.