Author Topic: Keptin! Warp offline! We've taken a hit to the #2 linear solenoid!  (Read 603 times)

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So last night, I was riding to the company Christmas party, when I tried to turn into a gas station to wipe my glasses.

Well, since I couldn't see so well, I clipped a curb and cased the bike. Suddenly, the shift display is blinking and I'm stuck in 1st gear. I had to drive nearly 18 miles back home at 30mph.

I got out the factory service manual, but I couldn't get any DTCs out of the bike, so I said "screw it" and went to bed. I could not get it to blink anything, no matter how I jumpered the connector and did things. I will see if I can buy the Honda MCS tool.

I pulled the side cover off, and "there's yer prahblem!" (to quote Adam Savage)  Turns out the actuator on the #2 linear solenoid valve got knocked off. It's crimped on, so I pushed it back into place with a c-clamp and redid the crimping with a punch.

That'll get me to work until my replacements show up from Ron Ayer's in a couple days. It's $160 for the valve and misc gaskets/o-rings and $60 for the side cover. The rest of the bike is fine - no scratchs/dents/nothing.

So does anybody have a source/part number/price for the Honda pocket diagnostic computer?

I got the similar thing that connects to a laptop for Suzukis. Ron Ayer's would sell you an ICBM if you could give them an OEM part number. They sold me the "dealer-only" Suzuki kit and a "dealer-only" ignition recall kit for my FJR-1300.
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Look on the bright side, ypu missed the office Christmas party.  :046:


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And that, kids, is exactly the reason why you should never ride your bike without a proper crashbars.
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