Author Does a V4 condensate more than other engine types?  (Read 1533 times)

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    Does a V4 condensate more than other engine types?
    on: Dec 09, 2019, 10.14 am
    Dec 09, 2019, 10.14 am
    Temperatures are around freezing point atm. I own the Crosstourer since October 2019 when the weather was soft. When I start the bike up, now that the weather is cold, the engine produce a massive amount of choo choo steam for a few minutes. All aboard...

    I understand it's harmless water vapor but I owned 8 bikes before, all with two cilinder parallel or Vtwin engines. They did not smoke anywhere near this much. I also owned an ST1100 Pan European with yes, a V4... That one did smoke more than previous mentioned bikes during cold start ups, but not as much as my current Xtourer.

    So, do V4 engines (or 4 cilinders in general) build up more condensation inside the engine/exhaust pipes than other type of engines?

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    Re: Does a V4 condensate more than other engine types?
    Reply #1 on: Dec 09, 2019, 03.18 pm
    Dec 09, 2019, 03.18 pm
    Has more to do with the humidity level in the intake air.  Today here the temperature is 35*f and 95% humidity.   So more steam might be seen........but

    Every combustion engine no matter the fuel produces about one gallon of water for every gallon of fuel burned.  The amount seen is going vary widely with temperature and humidity levels.
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    Re: Does a V4 condensate more than other engine types?
    Reply #2 on: Dec 10, 2019, 02.54 am
    Dec 10, 2019, 02.54 am
    The evaporation is exothermic, taking the heat away, like when you sweat.  It releases energy into the atmosphere.  Condensation is endothermic, the opposite so it removes energy from the atmosphere, by converting vapors to liquids, like your air conditioner in your car or home.  Like your car or home, if there is more available energy (water vapor...denser in cold weather) to endothermically convert to condensate, then the exothermic release (vapor or energy back into the atmosphere) will be greater.  I think that the endothermic process (creating condensate) is increased when there is a large difference in temperature...which is why some air conditioners are more effective than others in removing moisture for example.  So no, all things being equal (available energy) a V4 does not necessarily produce more condensate.  A larger surface that promotes condensation (a small soda can condenses less energy than an otherwise equal large soda can) produces more available exothermic energy for conversion to vapor.  So similarly a larger muffler could produce the same results as the soda can example.  A science lesson broke out at the motorcycle show I guess!