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    Battery/warranty issue
    on: Nov 26, 2019, 07.52 pm
    Nov 26, 2019, 07.52 pm
    Hi all;

    I have an 18 month old CT (DCT) and the battery failed on me 2 weeks ago and it would not start. Roadside assistance came, tested the battery and confirmed it was knackered (only giving 83 amps, not 200+ or whatever the AA guy said).

    So I called my local dealer (Castle Honda in Castleford) and they told me that batteries are only covered for 1 year. So I called Hunts in Manchester (where I bought the bike from) and they said that batteries ARE covered, and they would send me one by courier.

    2 weeks has passed, and no battery, so I called them today and they said they cannot send me a battery for 2 reasons, one being that batteries have to be physically collected from their premises and two, batteries actually aren't covered at all under warranty.

    So I called Honda customer relations and explained the situation, and they guy went to check with someone else. He came back to me and said that batteries are 'sometimes' covered under warranty and that he would contact Hunts and get back to me.

    How bizarre; 3 different stories.

    Surely they are either covered for the 3 years of the warranty in which case I should get a replacement, or they aren't covered.

    I know it's only a bloody battery, but it's the principle. Why should I have to pay for a new one? It is defective and only 18 months old.

    PS, the woman at Castle Honda in Castleford insisted that the CT only has a 2 year warranty, not a 3. How can they be so wrong?

    Any advice?

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    Re: Battery/warranty issue
    Reply #1 on: Nov 26, 2019, 08.22 pm
    Nov 26, 2019, 08.22 pm
    Personally I thought they had a year warranty, although I think Honda cars have three years.

    Sounds a bit naff after 18 months  :086: