Author Andreani cartridge kit and EMC rear shock changes  (Read 2837 times)

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    Andreani cartridge kit and EMC rear shock changes
    on: Nov 10, 2019, 04.23 pm
    Nov 10, 2019, 04.23 pm
    Hi everyone I’m still around although such a long time since I have posted
    Well as the title states I have gone over the top and changed the rear shock for a new EMC race shock 2 hand made in Lyon France the unit comes with your wieght spring and 26 different settings for high and low speed rebound 🧐 had theiz fitted just before my annual road trip, this year we went to Mallorca via ferry from Toulon
    Up front I went for the Andreani cartridge kit, this being changed just recently
    The rear was great 2 up and fully loaded, it came factory preset at 13 clicks on both rebound settings, I found this a little to firm so backed both off 3 clicks and noticed an improvement straight away. The best was that navigator noticed the improvement from the first km even before I backed them off. Done around 1000km now and need to readjust for my solo riding
    The front I have only done around 200km but the change is so more noticeable over the stocks, a much better feel without the harshness I was feeling beforehand. I need to get more km in to fine tune it all keeping notes for future reference
    Anyway guys if you are interested in changing things suspension wise then I recommend these parts, it will cost more than other options out there but they are as good as Ohlins I have been told by the experts here
    Had them fitted by my local Honda agent and all in I paid near on 1800€ not cheap but high quality EMC actually fabric the suspension for Airbus A380! I know our CT is heavy but I think now it should ride the bumps more easily than before
    There are a couple of Videos about EMC on my YouTube channel Crosstourertony
    I will in time make a video concerning the Andreani fork kit
    Ride safe all good to be back