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    Do Bark Busters Fit With....
    on: Sep 27, 2019, 07.47 pm
    Sep 27, 2019, 07.47 pm
    Kaoko throttle lock?

    I have a manual 2016 CT so I won't have the modding issue that you DCT guys have with your hand brakes.

    Fitting my sat nav mount tonight and dropped a washer down by the headstock, thought "I'll give the bike a shake side to side to dislodge it" so I got off and stood at the stand side of it (hindsight...if I had stood rear brake side side stand would've saved it!) as I shook it too far away from me and passed that point of no return and over she went!   :430: :232:

    Anyway, only damage is to the clear Givi extension and the knuckle around the pivot point of the brake lever (could've been far worse). I am looking at the bark busters as replacements but just wondered if they are compatible with my throttle lock.

    Oh, just in case you were wondering...I got the washer back  :006: