Author Topic: UK V5C(9) Notification of Transfer  (Read 799 times)

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UK V5C(9) Notification of Transfer
on: June 02, 2019, 11:13:01 AM
I'm hoping that someone may be able to offer words of advice with a problem that has arisen with the DVLA.
Unfortunately, the Crosstourer has become too heavy for me due to a recurring back injury so I decided to trade it in for the smaller VFR800 at the main Honda dealer in our area.
The V5C was given to the dealer, who said that he would notify the DVLA online.  Excellent, I thought.  A few days later I checked with him the DVLA had been notified and he confirmed that it had.
All seemed to be well until the 18th of May when I received a letter from the DVLA ( posted on the 14th May) stating that the bike was not taxed and asking me to pay the tax or to inform them if I was no longer the registered keeper.  I filled in the form and returned it to them immediately informing them of the situation.
Yesterday (1st June) I recieved another letter from the DVLA (posted on the 28th May) stating that I now had to pay the years tax and was liable for a penalty, which I believe is £100.
I cannot notify them online as I do not have the document number from the V5C everything has to go be snail mail.
Normally I would have kept a copy of my V5C but did not on this occasion.  If I had been selling the vehicle privately, I would have ensured that I completed section 9 of the V5C document.   It seems to me that the DVLA have made things unnecessarily awkward as surely the VIN would be sufficient to identify the vehicle.

Just wondered if anyone had encountered a similar situation and how they resolved it.


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Re: UK V5C(9) Notification of Transfer
Reply #1 on: June 02, 2019, 01:54:47 PM
Ring them up,I found them quite good to deal with o the phone when I had a issue last year,

if you p/ex'd it have a copy of the receipt to hand in case there any questions if you call them,

my mate bought a crosstourer March 2018, 2 weeks ago the person he bought it off rang me, ( I initially contacted them before he purchased) they said they have had same notification as you,
and they were worried, I told them it had been taxed and insured since the day he bought it, not heard anything since,