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Highlights (snigger) from the road between Pooncarie and Menindee.

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Fully loaded, me, wife, and camping gear (aggregate of over 500kg). 10 days on the road. 4500kms of dirt and crap tar back roads.

Started in a foot of snow, ended in pissing rain, the middle ran through parts of western NSW and the Gammen and Flinders Ranges.

This is what outback touring is like. Endless hours of it. Alternating surface...soft deep sand...hard corrugated clay...ruts...rocks...changing by the second.

Enjoyed that Snowy, thanks for posting.
The stunning scenery and apparent isolation must give a feeling of true adventure riding.
I assume you must have a constant mobile phone signal as I certainly wouldn’t want to have an “off” in those conditions.
Nice to see no traffic congestion  :001: unlike the U.K. and I can’t believe you didn’t come across a GS, again unlike the U.K.  :164:
To see the CT performing over such terrain really does make a pleasant change and I would think she performed totally reliably.
Keep em coming and thanks again.  :028:

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Flippin heck Snowy, that looks like my worst nightmare. Reckon id be twitching so much id need a new saddle every hour.

Fair play though, as Dave said, just goes to show what the CT is capable of if youve got the balls.

Only issue on the trip was a cracking Motoz Tractionator rear tyre. Motoz say it isn't an issue, but as the cracking got worse it kinda played on my mind when sitting on 100ish kph on rocky sandy corrugated surfaces. If it let go at that speed with that load it wouldn't end well.

In 30,000kms of fire trails and dirt roads the only thing that's "gone wrong" was the seat lock bolt came loose.

I've done nothing but oil and filters, running a K&N air filter with a foam MX filter as a pre filter (I found the largest funnel web foam filter, and cut it to a shape to sit over the K&N, the upper filter housing keeps it in place. Zero dust penetration in bull dust conditions).

Passing road trains on the dirt was an issue. Come up behind them, wind blowing from left to right, and hang on the left until the driver sees me and slows, and gives me the right blinker. Then go around. When you enter the dust it's a complete white out. Can't see anything. Get too close to the truck and you start getting showered with rocks, go too far to the right and you hit the really soft edges of the road. On the first one my wife just screamed STOOOOP and I pulled back out of the dust She demanded to know how I could possibly see anything. I told here I couldn't. I was riding blind. That didn't help calm her down.

Half way past one road train I heard the truck suddenly braking hard and knew this meant bad things for me. I suddenly came out of the dust level with the prime mover and heading straight for a steel post on the right hand edge of a cattle grid. A sudden twitch to the left, and we were clear. Wife was looking at the truck. Didn't really notice.

Mungo National Park. Famous for the discovery of Mungo Man and Mungo Woman, remains that predate our previous beliefs of the human timeline.

Used to be an inland sea about 60,000 years ago.

The red sand is softer than beach sand. Super fine. The road to Pooncarrie is a foot deep in places and it's like trying to ride through deep water at high speed. Wife wanted me to slow down because the bike was moving all over the place, so I slowed from 90 to 60...and she insisted I speed back up again. At 60 it's like a never ending controlled crash. It tucks the front and starts to understeer badly, eventually corrects itself and then tucks the other way and starts over. Repeat for about 50kms.

This is one of the good sections, from the ring road to the old wells.



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