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    Tom in Ohio, USA
    on: Nov 05, 2018, 12.31 am
    Nov 05, 2018, 12.31 am
    Hi everyone, I'm a longtime rider of dozens of different bikes over the years but a very new owner of a new 2017 CT.  My username is zener and I'm sure I'll be asking some newbie questions but will use the search function before I do.  I plan to set this bike up for longer distances.  Before I bought the bike, I knew that it's been offered in Europe for quite a few years so I assumed there would be a good selection of accessories in the aftermarket.  But I'm finding that while that's true for 2012-2015 bikes, many accessories aren't compatible with newer bikes.  So either the aftermarket hasn't caught up yet or manufacturers have decided it's not worthwhile to do so.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting to know the new bike!  Be well,
    Tom in Ohio

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    Re: Tom in Ohio, USA
    Reply #1 on: Nov 05, 2018, 06.59 am
    Nov 05, 2018, 06.59 am
     :400: Tom and safe riding  :305:

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    Re: Tom in Ohio, USA
    Reply #2 on: Nov 05, 2018, 05.50 pm
    Nov 05, 2018, 05.50 pm
     :400: sir, it’s a great bike, enjoy.

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    Re: Tom in Ohio, USA
    Reply #3 on: Nov 05, 2018, 07.04 pm
    Nov 05, 2018, 07.04 pm
    Hey there Tom in Ohio,

    Welcome to the world of the VFR1200X.

    I just got my CT a couple of months ago.  Lots of good information on this forum if you do use the search.  There is a small assortment of accessories available, some are over in Europe but usually you can find them on eBay and just pay a little extra shipping.  Revzilla and FortNine both have some CT accessories as well. 

    I have added a few things:

      Givi engine guards - there is a >>>helpful post here<<<, but allow me to summarize.  Buy a 12mmx1.25 die tool and run it (by hand) over the installation bolts.  Then you can torque it to 40 ft-lbs and will have a trouble free installation.  Also the mystery of Dx and Sx from the installation instructions is revealed S= sinistra= left , D=destra=right
      Fenda Extenda - I got mine from the manufacturer.  Shippping to Canada was reasonable.  I think Revzilla and Fortnine both sell these as well
      LED driving lights - got some from a local autoparts store and mounted them using 1 1/8" brackets off eBay.  Wired them in via a relay off the main battery and a (waterproof) switch with the accessory port used to activate the relay so lights can only be turned on when the key is on.
      If you want to replace the scooter style horn, I found a Fiamm Freeway Blaster online for about $20 and installed it (via relay off the main batt again, this time off the original horn circuit) under the left side plastic fairing.  I'm thinking of adding wiring from the freeway blaster to the original beep-beep scooter horn to give me a two tone sound.
      Third brake light - LED. I found this on and had it installed on my previous bike.  This is a very bright LED brake light for about $30.  I installed it inline with the main brake wiring (just tapped in).
      I'm looking at a radiator guard, rear hugger, and splash guard mud fender (all off eBay). I find that if I ride in the rain without the topbox (my CT came with a Givi V47 topbox) that the back of my jacket gets soaked from the water thrown up by the rear tire.
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    Re: Tom in Ohio, USA
    Reply #4 on: Nov 05, 2018, 07.31 pm
    Nov 05, 2018, 07.31 pm
    Hi Tom and a warm  :400: to the colleCTive.  :028:
    There seems to be a steady number of CT owners across the “pond” now, which is extremely encouraging.
    Enjoy your new bike Tom and good luck with the accessories search.  :028:
    "The more the miles, the bigger the smiles"

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    Re: Tom in Ohio, USA
    Reply #5 on: Nov 05, 2018, 07.59 pm
    Nov 05, 2018, 07.59 pm
    Welcome Tom

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    Re: Tom in Ohio, USA
    Reply #6 on: Nov 06, 2018, 12.42 am
    Nov 06, 2018, 12.42 am
    We are glad you joined, enjoy the ride!
    Follow your front wheel

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    Re: Tom in Ohio, USA
    Reply #7 on: Nov 06, 2018, 02.16 pm
    Nov 06, 2018, 02.16 pm
    Hi Tom welcome from another US based CT rider. Before spending the bucks I would put a few thousand miles on to really get a feel for the bike and how it suits your needs. We are all different and have different needs and opinions.

    I now have about 10k miles on mine since I bought in November of 2017. The most significant upgrade I did was the electronic cruise control by veeefour. He is on this forum. It is a few bucks but relatively easy to install the plug and play version. Nextly some crash bars. Some of the products like the OEM versions are called light bars, not sure if that means they won't hold up in a crash or not. I went with the SW motech crash bars. easy to install and about 30 minutes of time. I added heated grips and a few minor things that I have had on other bikes.

    Mine came with factory 3 piece luggage so I am stuck with those, although not bad.

    Lastly get your suspension and throttle cables setup properly. Both will help with throttle jerkiness.

    If you are ever out Colorado way give me a shout.
    In The Barn
    2016 VFR1200X - Mine, 2016 BMW F700GS - The wife's bike, Brad