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Installing Inforad advanced radar warning device


Hello guys, I recently purchased the InfoRad device that signals your approach to fixed radars for 30€ on Amazon  :028:  in this video I unbox it, describe the contents within, and finally get it fitted onto or to be honest into the CT, after some long hours of sweat and one or two bad words  :008: I have the job finished, but I need help!! there must be someone out there on the forum who knows where I could branch in the live wire so as not to be direct on the battery, thanks a million for your replies  :031:

Crosstourer Tony


Thanks for sharing!
I took a life wire from the rear light to connect my heated seat. Also put a relais between it.

Some more: this devices are illegal in some country's (like Germany, Swiss and France!).
The volume in your vid is a bit low.

Hi Superjeep, I at last spliced into the 12v cigar lighter that is only on when ignition comes on  :028: works well, but i did dismount all the rear end to get to the light plug but as i just touched it I did not see the LED light come on the Inforad, so hence my choice, should have done it before all the trouble of dismounting, still at least i have learnt how to get her stripped a little now  :008:

Concerning the legal side its allowed in France along with the Coyote,  as they are now called assistance for driving aids!! :008:


The warning radars are also well known to motorists (Coyote, Wikango, Inforad, Snooper ...). But they do not have the right today to ... report precisely the locations of radars, whether mobile or fixed! And this, since an angry blow from the Interior Minister, Claude Gueant, last May, who threatened to ban them altogether. After some negotiations, the manufacturers agreed to adapt their products. More precautionary, they are now called "assistance assistants". "The system always works with a database of information and on-board road maps, indicating a danger zone (series of turns, etc.) or the traffic status, coupled with a GPRS which makes it possible to geolocate the vehicle and to communicate in real time with other drivers

"We warn of an area and no longer a specific point, continues Fabien Pierlot. These zones concern sections of 300 m in built-up areas, 2 km on national roads and 4 km on motorways.


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