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    Re: Powering the accessories
    Reply #48 on: Jun 28, 2019, 02.31 pm
    Jun 28, 2019, 02.31 pm
    I had occasion to add the upshift-cancel circuit to another VFR1200XD so I took a few pics.

    This is the upshift wire.

    Use a razor and scrape the insulation free.

    Solder in a wire to connect to the circuit "relay".  I used 18 guage.

    Scrape and solder the brown and orange wires from the main cruise control harness.

    Crimp on the spades and connect to the circuit.

    Pull the upshift to turn on and off the cruise control.


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    Re: Powering the accessories
    Reply #49 on: Jan 05, 2022, 02.24 pm
    Jan 05, 2022, 02.24 pm
    Thanks for the tip on how to clear the MIL light, I has helped me on two or three occasions now  :152:
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    Re: Powering the accessories
    Reply #50 on: Jan 06, 2022, 06.55 am
    Jan 06, 2022, 06.55 am
    thanks for a clear,concise description of your wiring mods.Its a recurring question here which you have covered succiently.
    It may be different in the USA but it seems we have a problem now with both bikes and cars- the introduction of more and more electric vehicles hasn't generated a load of electrically proficient chaps -ok maybe girls as well- who want to work on vehicle electrical parts.
    Sure there are "fitters" who may be able to fit parts -but determining electrical issues still seems a hugely expensive task and one that very few peoople want to do.
    maybe its a case of parts  looking good from a designers / marketer's point of view -but that's not in the real world.
    KTM have had loads of problems with the electrics on their new models -Honda have this new "laptop" on the Af twin and NT1100 .Apparently these cost a fortune ,are easily stolen -  and must be vunerable ,especially if you went off road ,
    Is all this making us prefer "dinosaur" bikes -pre LED ,fuel injection and more "pure".