Author Topic: New bike: top three mods to be made?  (Read 15149 times)

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    New bike: top three mods to be made?
    on: Feb 21, 2017, 09.16 am
    Feb 21, 2017, 09.16 am

    I've been browsing through the posts here for some days now and I have a total information overflow  :087:. So I decided to ask from you Crosstourer gurus question about mods to be made on a new standard bike (only option basically is the OEM heated grips and panniers). So what are the top three modifications you have made that have most changed the bike?
    I have thought about screen, upgraded seat and cruise control.


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    Re: New bike: top three mods to be made?
    Reply #1 on: Feb 21, 2017, 09.23 am
    Feb 21, 2017, 09.23 am
    You can try out several screens finding which one works for you. However, some people swear by the OEM one so give it time. Also, don't rush into changing the seat until you know if the OEM is no good for you. Some change it to get a lower seat height, some change it for a higher seat height. I've seen one change it for a wider seat, which in turn may make getting your feet down at stops etc a bit of a problem. In regards to the CC. I depends on what you are planning to do with the bike. If you are planning long rides/tours etc then it might be a good idea. If you're planning to commute and do shorter runs at the week end etc, then it's a good chunk of money for something you might not fully get the good of.
    Off the top of my head the best mod I have made so for is getting a Trekker Top box and plate. If the price was right I would also get panniers as well.
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    Re: New bike: top three mods to be made?
    Reply #2 on: Feb 21, 2017, 12.25 pm
    Feb 21, 2017, 12.25 pm
    Hi Hude , as Slo said , do not rush into changing anything - I assume you are new to the CT - so best do a few hundred miles/ km to see what works / does not - remember its a big ( top heavy ???) bike  that loves to motor,  60-160 kph  is effortless , If you spend a lot of time above or below these speeds - then that's where you need to be careful - as anything you do will have a major affect - either weight wise or handling . I think the right screen is very important- if you want to do  high speed cruising , and as for luggage - I prefer the detachable givi panniers , but some like a top box for instant access . Main thing enjoy the bike    :028:  - it does take some time to appreciate how good it is .

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    Re: New bike: top three mods to be made?
    Reply #3 on: Feb 21, 2017, 12.44 pm
    Feb 21, 2017, 12.44 pm
    Welcome Hude

    Good advice from the other guys.

    For mods I did that I think are worth considering straight away.

    Rad Guard, Fender Extender and Hugger.

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    Re: New bike: top three mods to be made?
    Reply #4 on: Feb 21, 2017, 01.06 pm
    Feb 21, 2017, 01.06 pm
    Good advice from all the previous ... but it does depend on the spec of you bike to start with.
    I think there are the cheap and easy mods and I would propose fender extender, hugger and HID headlight.  I might throw in radiator shield as well as it is cheap and could save a few bob in the future.
    Then there are the expensive mods which you should only consider after living with the bike a while.  Finding the right screen is like the holy grail ... and probably as much down to your height and your helmet plus traffic turbulence as anything else.  I have no issues with the seat (and have never found a massage feature anyway ...) but having recently had new suspension fitted (after a year) I am very supportive of moves in that direction; front then back ... but again work with the standard stuff first; it's not brilliant, but it is a long way from awful.
    I like the idea of cruise control, but haven't yet been on a journey where I wished I had it - but that could change too!!
    Take a while to understand the bike but do the cheap mods first anyway  :002:
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    Re: New bike: top three mods to be made?
    Reply #5 on: Feb 21, 2017, 02.08 pm
    Feb 21, 2017, 02.08 pm
    The only other mod i'd add on to the list of quick fixes would be a duck bill/tail behind the number plate, this will stop a certain amount of crud being flung up from the road.  :028:  :031:
    keep it shiny side up !!!

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    Re: New bike: top three mods to be made?
    Reply #6 on: Feb 21, 2017, 02.58 pm
    Feb 21, 2017, 02.58 pm
    Bought my '16 in January.. Still working on farkles... I'd add to the "protect the bike" list with a skid plate.
    Ive only added a tank bag, throttle stop (instead of a cruise control), and center stand so far.
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    Re: New bike: top three mods to be made?
    Reply #7 on: Feb 21, 2017, 07.16 pm
    Feb 21, 2017, 07.16 pm
    A plank of wood to put under the rear wheel.