Author Topic: VFR1200X vs ST1300, how do they compare?  (Read 8569 times)

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    VFR1200X vs ST1300, how do they compare?
    on: Feb 09, 2017, 03.47 am
    Feb 09, 2017, 03.47 am
    Ok, winter does not allow me to take the bike out for a spin, so there is plenty of time to think about my new, yet to be really ridden bike, the CT DCT.....

    The closest bike to the CT I've had was a Honda ST1300Abs which I put on quite a few km (my best trip was just a hair over 10,000km in a month)

    The ST was comfortable, excellent range (2 fuel tanks on board), great wind protection, great storage, good brakes, had abs, good handling for such a big bike, and to top things off, was fun to ride.

    What I wish it had was gravel/dirt road capability (really wished for that capability in the rocky mountains) and less weight (she was 736lbs full of fluids, ready to ride) loaded for a long trip, she was really heavy....
    I had decided to keep the bike for the long run, as it was mechanically brilliant, ultra reliable, very well thought out, and had proven itself on several long trips, but life and my job had other plans for me.... so bye bye the ST went....

    So how does the ST compare with the CT?

    * Comfort wise? (riding position and wind protection, I'd be 99.99% riding solo)
    * Handling? both city/parking lot and twisty back roads?
    * Power? this one I'm a tad worried about with the CT, my last bike was the Suzuki B-King, which was wild but honestly I got over it, the ST1300 had adequate power, nice low to mid range.... The ST1300 makes 124hp or so?
    * Brakes?
    * Engine, torque? tractability? can the CT pull from low rpm smoothly?  any vibrations? on-off throttle jerkiness?
    * Suspension?  The ST was good, only preload adjustment in the back, but the bike was composed and capable
    * Ease of maintenance?
    * Transmission?  The ST was a 5 speed smooth-box, my CT is a DCT!?! (I figured I'd try it)

    On paper, the CT is everything I wanted out of an all around bike, and my previous all rounder (the ST) did everything I wanted to do in Ontario...
    What I'm hoping for out of the CT, is a good all-around bike that is good around town, on the highway and on the back road twisties, with enough power as to not be pokey (a Versys 650 is my idea of pokey), and that can do a few 2-4 day road trips a year, solo....

    I'd be especially curious what people that owned both have to say?
    People who have ridden the ST1300 and the Crosstourer please chime in as well!



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    Re: VFR1200X vs ST1300, how do they compare?
    Reply #1 on: Feb 09, 2017, 05.11 am
    Feb 09, 2017, 05.11 am
    I had a '07 ST1300 for 65k miles or so.  Owned it for 4 years, did all 4 corners in the US, the Pacific Hiway to 101 to Port Angeles and back 3 times, Did down the Ohio to the Mississippi, up to the Missouri to the Mountains, etc. Longest time out was 92 days.  Figure I could chime in on this.

    I bought the manual transmission CT and have put 300 miles on it as of today. 

    The wide handlebars take some getting used to and I don't like the silly bar end nuts welded in the bars.  Keeps me from trimming off an inch or so of the bars.  The windshield doesn't cut the breeze to my shoulders but does put the windstream just over my helmet.  Bugs hit the area just over my helmet windscreen.  I'm 6 foot.

    No protection for your legs.  The feet pegs seem pretty close to the same place on both bikes.  I ride on my toes and brace the heels of my boots on the passenger peg mount on both bikes.  So far the CT seat is as bad for me as the ST's... I upgraded the ST to a Sargent and did multiple 1000 mile days.  I need to upgrade he CT seat!  Alaska sheepskin first I think.. Then a little recutting of the seat.

    The CT falls into corners easier and transitions side to side easier.  To me the lighter CT is easier to horse around corners.  And its much more comfortable on dirty roads, light gravel, packed dirt, etc.  The ST13 scared the crap out of me on dusty/sandy tarmac!  I live in the American desert.. Lots of that on the roads and intersections.

    The suspension on the CT is much bettor on crappy roads or rippled surfaces.  But still along way from great.  Haven't ridden two up or loaded up yet.

    Both bikes have pretty equal power at around 109HP and comparable torque.  The lighter CT is noticeably quicker.  Both pull like freight trains and anything after 75 is unnoticable except for the numbers rolling on the Speedo.  Both bike pull from off of idle just as easy with little clutch slipping.   Right now, with just 300 miles on my CT, the ST was smoother at cruising speeds.  My CT has a light buzz in the (wide!) bars.  The low throttle opening snatch was about equal and bad on both bikes.  I lived with it on the ST but I changed the throttle tube to a GT Throttle Tamer on the CT and love it.  Your DCT may be different.

    The brakes are better. maybe because of the weight difference but at least a jab on the CT's rear brake produce a noticeable change in velocity, unlike the ST.  I have engaged the ABS on the CT and it is MUCH smoother!

    So far the oil changes on the CT are a little more work.  I liked the ST's oil filter behind the motor and out of the way.  I've taken off the cowling, rear body work, etc and the effort is about equal.  The stock center stand effort is also about the same.

    I feel like the CT has a slightly lower center of gravity.  The ST's propensity to tip over is well known and I had mine fall over 5 times.. thank god for the wings!  I need to get some crash bars as soon as possible because there is a feeling that certain conditions may cause a tip on the CT and there is lots of easy to scratch/break plastic!

    I loved my ST1300. I like the Crosstourer better.
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    Re: VFR1200X vs ST1300, how do they compare?
    Reply #2 on: Feb 09, 2017, 06.41 pm
    Feb 09, 2017, 06.41 pm
     :400: from The Netherlands Tazmool.
    I had a ST 1300 before the CT/ DCT for 10 years and 45.000 km. I liked the bike a lot. But I got problems with my fingers and that is why I bought the DCT from Honda.
    To answer some of your questions:
    - riding position: for me better, more straight up; better for my back
    - wind protection: less than the ST but still more than sufficient for me.
    - handling: much easier because the bikebrings less kilogrammes and the wide handle bar help to manoevre the bike
    - power/engine: power 129 HP (ST was 126 I think). No difference. The V engine is more present I would say. I love it.
    Transmission: DCT , I really love it. Very very smooth.
    Hope this helps a bit.
    But of course it is only my point of view, my opinion.
    One can experience the same things differently of course.
    But would I go back to the ST ? No !

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    Re: VFR1200X vs ST1300, how do they compare?
    Reply #3 on: Feb 09, 2017, 08.58 pm
    Feb 09, 2017, 08.58 pm
    I have had an ST1100 and two ST 1300, now on my 3rd Crosstourer , sorry to those St1300 owners out there but the ST is a slug in the bends, compared to the CT. Honda should have replaced the ST1300 with the VFR1200T years ago.

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    Re: VFR1200X vs ST1300, how do they compare?
    Reply #4 on: Feb 12, 2017, 08.40 pm
    Feb 12, 2017, 08.40 pm
    I had a '03. I bought it as everyone said how they were the best bike going. I only had it 6 months. Didn't like it much. Comfy, poor handling (vague cornering) and went into a weave at around 80 with the screen in the high position.

    The CT is in a different league in every way.

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    Re: VFR1200X vs ST1300, how do they compare?
    Reply #5 on: Feb 14, 2017, 02.55 am
    Feb 14, 2017, 02.55 am
    Thank you all for the insightful comparisons, I really appreciate them.
    I'm really looking forward to putting on some miles on my CT come spring time!

    As I mentioned before, I've had many great adventures on my ST1300, and I did come across the dreaded Pan-Weave once, I was fully loaded on a cross-canada trip, had a big tail bag and tent on the back, and was into some spirited riding against a VW GTI of all things, when the strong weave happened, it gave me a good scare, as braking made things worse so I had to gently use the throttle to slow things down.  (In Canada, and other parts of the world as well, the ST1300 Police Edition was electronically speed limited to 121mph due to the stability issues at speed)

    The ST is not the only bike with top-box weave inducing problems, another bike I was strongly considering was the KTM Super Adventure, which also has apparently the same issues with stability at speed and top boxes (and its chunky side panniers as well) that and the KTM reliability/manufacturing issues and their high cost tossed that bike off my list, which is too bad as the bike rode wonderfully well during my test rides.  A few visits to a KTM dealer really sealed the deal for me when I got chatting with an owner who was having serious issues with his KTM Super Duke GT (basically his fuel pump was failing at 1000km of ownership, 1st service)  also look up KTM 1190 dirt in air box......   I don't know what KTM was smoking when they picked their parts suppliers.....

    Anyways, getting back to the ST-CT comparo, Thank you all again for the insights, there are quite a few ex-ST owners here with loads of experience with the bike and varying opinions of the ST, I'm glad to have picked the CT as the next bike for me.


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    Re: VFR1200X vs ST1300, how do they compare?
    Reply #6 on: Feb 14, 2017, 06.22 am
    Feb 14, 2017, 06.22 am
    I can tell you from experience that I have been chased by a cop doing 220kph on a ST1300. He had no trouble keeping up with a Cbr1k and it was only luck that saved me

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    Re: VFR1200X vs ST1300, how do they compare?
    Reply #7 on: Feb 14, 2017, 01.02 pm
    Feb 14, 2017, 01.02 pm
    I did try a couple of Pan ST1300's, but I just didn't like the ride, I also had a slight weave on one of them at about 70ish, a little disconcerting I thought.
    I am happy with the CT, so its still in the garage.  :028:  :031:
    keep it shiny side up !!!