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« on: June 20, 2018, 04:17:04 PM »
Starting 01-07-2018 standard rocker switch controller will not be available anymore.

I have last 5 on hand which I will keep for spare parts or warranty purposes.

I have some serious problems with sourcing the quality rocker switches with momentary function. Plus customers are leaning
toward new push - button style anyway so I need to change something in this regard. Since push-button controller is more difficult
and more expensive to build there will be a price change as well.

Starting next month:

425 EU for FULL version for VFR1200X
420 EU for FULL version for VFR1200F

355 EU for LITE version for VFR1200X
350 EU for LITE version for VFR1200F

Square or rectangle push-button controller as standard. 3 button version will cost 20 EU more.

Push-button exchange program for all customers with rocker-switch version:
Push-button exchange(you need to send the old one back) 50 EU
If you want to buy the new push-button controller separately 70 EU

3 button version - add 20 EU to the above so 70 EU for exchange and 90 EU for a new one.
You have to send your control module for reprogramming for this to work. Reprogramming is free of charge.

Shipping charges remains the same:
15 EU - shipping within EU
20 EU - shipping to US or CAN
25 EU - shipping to AU

I shall update the Installation Manual shortly.
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