Author Topic: Cruise Control available without motors or vacuume  (Read 4287 times)

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Cruise Control available without motors or vacuume
on: November 22, 2015, 06:26:55 PM
Cruise control for VFR1200F and VFR1200X tested and in production, NO motors or vacuum, his email notes to me below.

I was testing the system for 2 months covering 6k km - had some minor issues but nothing I could not handle.
The system is working perfectly right know. I must still decide to switch it off for a 1st gear or not - a bit "savage"
to intercept a throttle on a 173 HP rocket while using a first gear. I also decided to limit the cruise to the range of
35kph > 250kph - safety first as they say.

As for the installation: if I would have right connectors few months ago it would be on the market long time ago.
I'm still trying to find and many connectors I can so you don't need to splice your harness. If i will be able to find
all required connectors the installation would be almost plug and play - nothing more complicated as installing the
heated grips or power commander for example. However, I feel that soldering/crimping(or pozi tab) 4-5 wires into your harness may be required.

The control switch assembly will fit either on the left or the right side for the MANUAL version.
For sure it will fit on the right side side for the DCT version - not sure you can mount anything at all on the
left side on the DCT model - there's just no room for that. I would gladly try to develop something
for the right side but I don't have any DCT close to me.

The price would probably be around 450 euro - control module, switch assembly and wiring harness.

I already fabricated 3 modules and harnesses they were instantly reserved by German/Swiss folks.
2 of them have DCT - they wanted to test it asap but the winter is upon us - we have a snow all over the place
from 2 days.

The components that I'm interfering with on the VFR are identical on the VFRX - so you can start looking for your
Crosstourer. I will post a bigger update on Bikersoracle and on the German forum early new year.
Do not hesitate to contact me(or provide my email to the others) if you have any other questions.


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Re: Cruise Control available without motors or vacuume
Reply #1 on: November 23, 2015, 12:41:35 PM
Right Curly, I read that and viewed the videos and then emailed the man, a very quick response from him and we can expect the first three customer's reviews as soon as the Swiss weather permits. This puts me back in line to buy when Honda imports to the US. I'll not own another bike without abs, cruise control or the Honda quality. It has been really disconcerting why Honda has not included abs and cruise together on several models. And with the VFRX I can get DCT and Honda V4 motor, nothing better.

As for rider's complaints about the weight, 100 pounds less than my current ST1100. For suspension, if the new model doesn't measure up there are several options available. Blue skies ahead. :305: