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For Sales Crosstourer Fully Loaded
on: September 27, 2015, 08:49:12 PM
Hi All

I have a late 2013 63 plate fully loaded black metallic Crosstourer for sale.

It's got 6000 miles, FHSH having just been serviced, new genuine brake pads, new warranty replacement rear shock, brand new Par4's fitted by Honda. Over a years warranty remaining and before the accident it was a really good bike.

I came off on a bend on a dual carriageway and the bike slid along the road on the left hand side. The damage is cosmetic only with no damage to the frame or forks. The left hand side fairing is only very lightly scratched (hardly noticeable) as the engine/fairing bars did their job well.

The bike needs the following to make it perfectly useable and will actually cover the majority of damaged parts.

Left footpeg including hanger (hanger scratched but would still be OK)
Left bar end weight
Left handguard
Left side lower engine/underside guard - silver plastic lower piece
Final drive black plastic cover - the piece which has the Tyler pressures on it
Left side pillion footrest including hanger
Engine bar that holds spotlights
Honda main dealer has quoted £711 for the above which includes fitting the pillion footpeg (1.7 hours work which I didn't want to try, everything else would take approx 1 1/2 hours to do myself)

The bike would not be perfect after this but it would be in good condition and not take much more to eradicate all evidence of the slide.

Left hand side engine cover (£120), final drive star nut (the big star nut at the end of the final drive is scratched quite hard) (£74), left hand mirror (only scratched), final drive casing but only the very end by the star nut is also scratched but I believe this could easily be refinished/dressed/polished for a small outlay.

The one expensive part is the tank, it has some light scratching and a couple of very small dents. I would fit a tank bag (baglux or similar) and you would never notice.

The indicators, headlight, rear light, clocks etc never got touched. I have taken the bike for a ride twice now and it rides exactly as it did before my accident.

The bike only slid and never hit anything at any point.

It's been classed as a cat c as amazingly to me Honda want to replace everything with absolutely any sign of a mark on. The wheels for example have the slightest marks (which I believe are there from normal use only) and Honda have quoted almost £1500 to replace. The akrpokic can has a couple of small marks (which were there when I purchased it) but Honda quoted £760 for a new one, the swing arm/final drive casing is scratched and Honda quoted nearly £3000 to replace. The radiator has an expensive aluminium guard I fitted and only has light scratches, Honda quoted £800 to replace. The tank was almost £1000. The rest of the bits are as listed above under parts needed.

Once the bike has been MOT'd it's back on the road.

I have been torn between buying it back and putting it back on the road and walking away. My clothing was ruined so I have the extra expense of replacing this if I get back on a bike and my family are begging me not to.

I finally have the price to buy it back from the insurance company and it paid me to think how much the salvage company will make from this great bike. £1940 to buy it from the insurers.

The bike is at home with me so available for anyone to give it a thorough inspection.

If anyone would like a really cheap fully loaded DCT Crosstourer for a dirt cheap price this could be an amazing bargain. I would like £3000 which means I cover my excess.
Another £700 and you would have an almost new bike under warranty or you could break it and make a healthy profit as I know things like the clocks, headlight, engine, gearbox, wheels, tyres, forks, HIS/ECU etc are valuable items.

I would hate to think it would be broken for parts as I think someone could have a fantastic bike for very little money.

I have to advise the insurance company fairly shortly of my intentions. The finance has been paid off.

Thanks and feel free to drop me a PM for my contact details.
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Re: For Sales Crosstourer Fully Loaded
Reply #1 on: October 02, 2015, 08:51:39 PM
Pm sent


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Re: For Sales Crosstourer Fully Loaded
Reply #2 on: October 03, 2015, 10:13:38 AM
Thanks to everyone who showed interest, a sale has been agreed with a forum member who has himself an absolute bargain and I make the family happy until the next time!

Thanks everyone.
On a mission to fall back in love with biking and invest in training to live long and in one piece!