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Averto Alarm problems
on: September 15, 2015, 02:43:08 PM

Against my better judgement I had a Honda Averto alarm fitted when I bought my Crosstourer in Feb (the insurance cost made it worthwhile).

I knew the alarm wasn't that highly rated (it's made by Spyball I think) so I wasn't surprised that after 2 weeks the thing stopped working.

I couldn't be bothered to get it looked at as the dealer I bought from is not local,  so i waited for my local dealer to take a look while it was in for a service this month.   They confirmed it was broken and fitted a replacement under warranty (that was a bit of a battle).

1 week after the replacement has just broken (alarm went mad overnight which will have impressed the neighbours),   took it back to the dealer this morning and sat and waited 2 hours - finally they confirmed the alarm is full of water!!!  :087:

They're surprised as they claim to have installed it exactly as Honda describe,  I think it's likely the first one died the same way as I rode it home through a monsoon!   

Anyone ever heard of anything like this before?   they're going to order a 3rd replacement but unless they change the mounting or otherwise waterproof it I imagine it too will die.    Anyone got an Averto alarm to work beyond a fortnight :-) ?