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    on: May 10, 2015, 07.50 pm
    May 10, 2015, 07.50 pm

    if anyone is interested I am travelling from Norfolk UK to Oss in Holland for the IRRC road race meeting . I plan to travel out by tunnel either Friday night 22nd may and stay in Calais then 200 mile ride to Oss in Holland and I have the ok to camp in the paddock area for the race meeting (or ride out sat morning but this would be a 400 mile one hit for me) The racing is around  industrial estate and is crazy and the people are amazingly friendly the racing is a 3hr classic type race on the Sunday 24th and practice after this , then racing all day on the Monday until 6pm I would like to stay Monday night then home Tuesday midday.  we had planned to go as 3 blokes but work and wives mean my mates are unable to attend. I am a electrical engineer and 58 years old happily married and like a laugh and a drink or two and love road racing and the European way of having fun , my wife doesn't like road racing as she thinks its too dangerous but is happy for me to attend, I just didn't want to go it as billy no mates if I could avoid it . but I will still go as I have some Dutch and Belgium mates who will be at the meeting . give us a mail if intersted
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