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CT's little brother
on: April 29, 2015, 05:43:49 PM
I've just picked up a mint four year old Honda SH300 scooter with just over 3000 miles on the clock for the daily commute to supplement the CT, it's the first scoot I've had and I'm actually quite impressed with it. I've just done 118 miles this week and filled it up for the first time for just over eight quid, equates to 78mpg, I haven't exactly been hanging about either! The thing is actually probably quicker than the CT on my route which is a 20 mile mixture of motorway and other roads, a fair bit of standing traffic to negotiate as well. It's pretty quick on take off and will pull over 90 indicated and can squeeze through impossibly small gaps that I wouldn't even entertain on the CT. The underseat storage isn't the best but it comes with a standard top box. Build quality is good, brakes are linked with ABS, it weighs next to nowt and for what it is it's fairly comfy. Due to having 16" wheels the handling is good and very stable even in cross winds. It's fairly comfy although as I'm longer in the leg the seat doesn't quite let me sit far enough back to feel snug, I may be paying a visit to Tony Archer to get rid of the small step half way along it. They don't sell these new anymore and I think the new 'Forza' that shares the powertrain has been introduced as a trendier version. In case you were wondering, no way am I getting rid of the CT. :152: