Author Topic: Just curious - Unleaded or Super Unleaded - Supermarket or branded  (Read 4128 times)

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Just curious what people put in their tanks, in the past I havent been really bothered but after reading about the lack of addactives in fuels if bought from a supermarket petrol station it got me thinking.

Just filled up with Tesco momentum with is their Super unleaded - I think i am noticing a performance difference.

anyways what do you lot think  :187:


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I don't pick a particular filling station and whatever is the cheapest there really !  :305:


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Always super 98


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It's a Honda just fill it when its (almost) empty! :002:
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Always the cheapest fuel available. Higher octane (and also higher priced) fuel will only make any difference if the engine is turbo/super charged. On an NA engine it won't make any difference except waste money. Any perceived 'performance gain' is exactly that - perceived because the human brain reacts very well to the placebo affect.


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I made a small error last week in a filling station in the Highlands, and filled up with SuperPlus (98oct) rather than the usual standard unleaded(95oct).

I wasn't expecting any performance, I was expecting to pay more.

BUT....  riding the same types of roads, at similar speed, 2-up with full luggage boxes, the economy took a leap forward.  I was averaging ~150 miles between fill ups (I fill up when the trip starts it's count down), with SuperPlus I reached 170, a 13% improvement.  However, I didn't take any notice of the price....  so I can't really draw a good comparison.

I'd never normally use higher Octain fuel, like I say, this was an error on my part at the pump. I do think it's probably worth some investigation though.

(the bike has covered 1500 miles, so it's not really loosened up yet)


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I would tend to disagree Sunandsea. A simple example would be way back when I had my 125, on tesco petrol maxed out at 50ish mph and on texaco it maced our at 65ish mph. A decent difference there. Also you will usually find a decent uplift in mpg with better fuel. I believe it is all to do with how well it is filtered.

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Not sure difference with the CT, but the difference in my two stroke in increadable , engine more powerful and smoother, not sure if this add anything chaps
My only worry is if something happens to me, my wife sells all me toys for the price a said I paid, hehehe