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Re: BMW S1000XR
Reply #16 on: January 28, 2015, 06:49:07 PM
We should all get used to the real world, we all expect more and more on our bikes but at what cost , I guess your average factory worker in China gets a fraction in pay of his counter-part in Germany , have we all forgotten how Dyson( of the vacuum cleaners fame  )shut his  factory in the Uk so could build them cheaper in the far east. . I think its good that Triumph still has a manufacturing base here in the Uk , i might feel guilty one day and buy a "British " bike


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Re: BMW S1000XR
Reply #17 on: January 28, 2015, 08:16:20 PM
You are right about Triumphs factory here but they are gradually getting more made in China and it makes sense for two reasons China is now the biggest market in the world for motorbikes and it is much cheaper to to manufacture parts. The annoying thing is that quality suffers and any potential saving is not passed on to use it just bumps up their profit margin.

A friend of mine has a toolmaking company and his biggest customer is Hoovers, it is cheaper for Hoovers to buy the tools from China and get him to re manufacture them because they are such poor quality but the Chinese supplier can manufacture and ship a complete tool for less than my friend can buy the steel in the UK


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Re: BMW S1000XR
Reply #18 on: February 10, 2015, 12:35:42 PM
*Originally Posted by Eltar [+]
The bikes will be available for press release around march according to the head of the design team. I highly doubt they already "sold" any bikes.

S1000XR has the same engine as the S1000R, and having ridden that for a few weeks, I can vouch for its brilliance. The engine is nothing short of amazing, it has superb engine compression for an inline four and the brakes are top of the line. It was a bike that inspired a lot of confidence in me when riding.

Now, take all that, and give it a better, more comfortable riding position and notably more wind protection... It's a no brainer, that bike is going to be awesome to ride. It is the bike on top of my list for 2015.

The ONLY problem is that it is a BMW. It's gonna cost more than any Japanese, and will be half as reliable as one. Just 2 months ago, someone from the RoSPA group here had his K1600GT's whole engine replaced under warranty... after 21 months of ownership and 44k kms. 4 months later and the bike's warranty would be over.

I want to give BMW a shot, especially this S1000XR...  Yet I can't help but feel like its outright gambling.
BMW bought my watercooled GS back as it had a front end rattle which they couldnt fix. I'd only done 1,900mls!!
The story started with an annoying rattle so I registered my complaint with BMW at the NEC in 2013 after owning it for 2mths. They said they had heard a rumour the factory were working on something like this. Anyway the tech case was raised by my local dealer and they were instructed to remove one of the cylinders decompression levers/cams. I went off to wales for a trip then went back and told them the noise was still there. they replaced the engine. No better so they struck a deal and bought the bike back. I now have no big adventure bike which I miss. So, off to the Excel show this Friday to see what's what. Incidentally, I'm on a aircooled R1200 R which was part of the buy back deal which doesnt rattle at all. So much for progress. Oh, btw, had my name down for an 1000XR too but told today sometime in June as well......disappointing to say the least so now looking at a CT
This is the last one.........honest


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Re: BMW S1000XR
Reply #19 on: February 17, 2015, 07:03:02 PM
Speaking from experience....two GS's, an S1000RR and a S1000R I can tell you that BMW have definitely dropped below what I would accept as reliable. I am not going to go into it as BMW did sort out all my issues and also compensated me on one claim but I wont rely on one again hence buying the CT. The bikes are fabulous and the engine in the S1000R which is the same in the XR is sheer magic. It will sell well but if you need a reliable quick comfy bike its no longer on my list.