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 :019: Well it is with sad news that i let you all know that my red crosstourer bought just before christmas. Well a few weeks ago was dropped on a slow maneuver on the right hand side.  Yes you heard me   i  drooooopppped my bike.

Now that was not the bad thing,  I have R&G aero crash protectors on the bike and believe me when i say i am gobsmacked to say that the crash protector has come off totally undamaged, however i had broke the right peg clean off the bike and scratched the plastic round body panel that covers the end of the DCT along with other minor scratches.  Now i know it was my fault and i am a bit gutted for doing something stupid but i have to say that when you read a packet that contains a pair of crash protectors you would think that it would protect something from a crash and not been completely clean in a small accident.

now if you ring R&G and ask them they refer to them as engine and frame protectors, now sorry if this is odd but the gearbox is attached to the engine and if the end of the gearbox took damage they did a sh#t job of protecting things. 

So as a warning to all  ignore the title on the packet and if you have the DCT CT dont expect the crash protector to save the right hand side of the bike until it has wear down all the other parts first. 

now i will go back to the  :012: :012: :012: :012: :012:


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Re: ! So Called "Crash Protectors" This is a warning to all lol
Reply #1 on: February 13, 2015, 11:42:59 PM
Sorry to hear bud,I hope you can get it sorted.


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Funny you mentioned that. I want to modify my crash protection and weld a triangular bar to the crash protection so that I can mount lights and have the bike further from the ground in the event of a tip over.


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mmotoparts is a more protective crashbar  :028:


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Have a look at the R&G bars they have a protective rounded section at the base. That's why I chose them  :305:
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